List of Australian Local Food Co-op Resources

I recently posted a shout-out to my Raw Food Mum Facebook fans to share their favourite local food co-op where they buy their organic veggie and fruit boxes. I received a great response and it was fantastic to see there are so many on offer in Australia.

Purchasing weekly organic food boxes from your local supplier are an affordable and efficient way to ensure your family receive fresh, healthy produce each week, whilst also encouraging more home cooking, using seasonal produce.

Here I have complied a list from their responses, which I hope becomes a great resource for you if you are new to healthy living or have recently relocated to a new area and hoping to pick up your healthy regime again.

If you know of or use a local co-op or farm co-op in your area and it is not listed, please email me Like wise if you find a co-op listed here that is no longer in business please email me too and I can amend list! <3 Sarah x

Food & Veg Co-Ops. Farm to get and Delivery services – Australia and NZ

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales


South Australia


Western Australia