What’s in The Raw Food Mums Fridge?

I’m joining in Natural New Age Mums blog hop! which is kind of fun! We are all sharing what is in our fridge! And I thought it would be a great way to show you as well!

We actually have 2 fridges, as eat so much greens that one fridge wasn’t cutting it for one week!  And as you can see our second fridge is packed full of greens! We get all our greens from Casuarina Farm here on the SurfCoast! I also have a post on Raw Foods on a Budget head on over here to read some tips and tricks to a eating raw.

Fridge 1 :

  • Coconuts
  • Kale in the yellow tub
  • ground linseeds
  • hemp seeds
  • salad dressing
  • an avocado wrapped up in our wrap it greens eco friendly hemp wraps!
  • botanical cuisine raw cheese
  • dates
  • saurekraut
  • pinapple
  • bag of greens
  • juicing carrots, capsicum, zucchini, cucmber and lots of veggies in the bottom draws


Fridge 2:

  • 10 bags of salad greens
  • 5kg of almonds ( we use for almond milk) – we keep all our nuts in the fridge
  • 2 packets of hemp seeds!
  • that might be a cheeky box of raw chocolate on the side he he he!




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