The Greener Cleaner

I have been looking some time for a “clean” washing powder that is environmentally friendly, economical and safe. And after much experimentation with other natural types of washing powder including soap nuts and laundry balls which I love, but they just don’t cut it for Issy’s stained clothes and Hamish’s work clothes.

I was also asked by ORANGE POWER to do a review, so I thought why not put it to the test and here’s what I discovered;

It is environmentally, economical, and safe to use and ethically sound including being palm oil free and cruelty free, it is also endorsed by PLANET ARK. The package is made from 95% recycled content and is suitable for Grey Water and Septic Tank use.

My usual washing practice averages about 1 load per day. This includes mostly Issy’s and Hamish’s grubby clothes, towels and bed linen. I found that the detergent did an all-round excellent job cleaning most clothes, I also noticed it doesn’t leave a residue on the clothes and there is no smell!  In comparison when go to my Mothers house and stay for a few days, she uses an off the shelf OMO or something like that, and the smell on Issy’s clothes and the feel are just horrible after they have been washed, I did not have this experience at all with the ORANGE POWER. I have managed to convert her to recycled toilet paper! My next mission is to get mum onto a greener and cleaner washing powder! 

I also tested Issy’s Cloth Nappies using the ORANGE POWER.

Now there are some white nappies – Pea Pod cloth nappies are great as you can use the inserts when doing EC as absorbent liners instead of a nappy!

We don’t have many poo stains on Issy’s nappies as I tend to get most of her poos the Potty (as many of you know we do Part-Time Diaper Free), but there were a few I missed and it did the job. I have also been using Rocking Green on the nappies (this is always hard to find) but found that ORANGE POWER did the job perfectly. The plus of this is that I can buy ORANGE POWER at the local supermarket, and will now probably use it instead of the Rocking Green which is sometimes hard to find.

Although I would love to use Soap Nuts on all my washing, it is just impossible to get some clothes clean and that’s the truth of it. But if your looking for an all natural solution they are definitely the way forward for those loads which are not that dirty. For those that don’t know about soap nuts, they are a natural washing detergent that grows on trees…  environmentally friendly sustainably produced (naturally subdried biodegrable and compostable way of cleaning your laundry. But like I said they will work on a load that’s not very dirty.

I was also sent the shower and kitchen cleaner, but I have to be honest here it is not something I would use. I prefer to use Vinegar and Lemon Juice in the shower and on kitchen benches. But for those who do like a cleaner it’s a much better solution than using your high chemical range of cleaners.

We really try and limit the use of any cleaning products in our house, but some we have to use and Orange Power will definitely be my choice when cleaning those grubby clothes from now on!

and… we also have a READER GIVE AWAY

Here is the fun part Orange Power will give a pack of cleaning items away to the reader who sends me a picture of their dirtiest piece of kids clothing! The dirtiest kid wins!

Beetroot stains yay!

So send those pictures in and I will send you a great pack of environmentally friendly cleaning products worth around $50 including;

  • 2 x NEW! 1kg Orange Power Laundry Powder
  • 2 x NEW! 800mL Orange Power Laundry Liquid
  • 1 x 500mL Orange Power Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
  • 1 x Orange Power Air Freshener
  • 1 x Orange Power Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver

You can send those grubby pictures to


And happy Cleaning mums!