Hug a Bub Ring Sling

Yay! My Hug-a-Bub Sling arrived today! Wow it feels so comfortable on and so easy to put on! I have attached a picture of Issy in her new sling safely and snuggled up to her mumma, me that is 🙂

But what I didn’t realised was the feelings that would come over me…  I didn’t want to put Issy down, I could have happily carry her around for a few more hours, and I know she was extremley happy being so close to her mum! I can’t wait to put my little angel in my sling tomorrow!

And the ease of doing things in it was just amazing! I love my ergo baby carrier but Issy cant see what I am doing when I am wearing it as she is facing me! With the sling I could move her from my hip to my back so easily…. she was having a great ole time!
This afternoon all while wearing my little bubba in her new sling we… Feed the animals, emptied the compost, put two loads of washing on, made dinner,  hung up two loads of washing, and did a load of dishes, it was simply wonderful all the time Issy was watching comfortably and happily smiling away intrigued at all the activities I was doing! I really wish I had have purchased a sling a long time ago! But I have one now and there is no turning back!

Peace and love

Sarah and Issy xx