Creating Healthy Children

Creating Healthy Children, by Karen Ranzi

In today’s fast-paced world, our children’s health and nutrition are being compromised by the constant rush to find the quick solution, resulting in our new generation’s weight problems as well as more frequent cases of disease due to weakened immune systems.

Author, lecturer and consultant in vegan nutrition, Karen Ranzi, has recently authored her much- anticipated new book, Creating Healthy Children Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods. Karen Ranzi has been a leader in the field of nutrition and child development for over fifteen years. Her 496 page book is replete with the results of seven years of research on optimal nutrition and model environmental factors from prenatal care through the teen years. Articles by leading experts in their fields and accounts by parents detailing their own positive experiences abound. By means of her education, life-changing personal experiences, and sincere desire to share her message, Karen has been able to guide thousands toward developing excellent health.

Creating Healthy Children presents many values nature has given us to restore our children’s health through solid nutritional principles. In this informative transformational book, Karen Ranzi will guide you on the path to creating happier and healthier children, confident of their disease-free future. She will share the importance of understanding children’s biological and emotional needs. Rather than medicate a child’s asthma, ear infections, chronic allergies, learning, attention and hyperactivity disorders, and other illnesses, Karen’s approach simply eliminates the causes of disease through the healthful raw food lifestyle. You will learn the importance of obtaining the best possible nourishment for your family, and how to implement healthy choices successfully. Creating Healthy Children reveals terrific tips for children of all ages in how to improve their diet and lifestyle. Parents, future parents, pregnant mothers, teachers, social workers, psychologists, and anyone else who works with or has children needs to read this book.