The Painted Fish – Sustainable Accomodation

We also love staying in sustainable accommodation when we are traveling!

So when we we were in Fremantle, Perth, Australia on the weekend we stayed in this awesome little cottage called THE PAINTED FISH! you can check it out at this link here.

photo by Roel Loopers

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It was just wonderful, composting bins, grey water usage, sustainable and recycled wood throughout, and it is also located in HULBERT ST – which prides itself on a street of sustainability and Community, it even has its own Street Festival Every year. If only every street shared such values and had these little festivals each year!

Fremantle itself was also very sustainable and there was a fair bit of raw food on hand as previously mentioned. But this street topped it off!  So where to from here!

Well… This is where the FUN begins! Shani the lady who owns and runs the painted fish challenged herself not buy any new clothes for herself for a year and is now in her second year…

I have decided that I am not going to buy myself any new clothes for a whole year!

If you asked Hamish he would probably say I have an addiction to clothes! And yes well I probably do have one.. I know I have a strong attraction towards new clothes, and have in the past spent a lot of money on clothes. So as well getting rid of the TV -which I am loving by the way, as of yesterday and for a whole year I am not buying myself anything NEW!  I can however make my own clothes, buy recycled clothes, and I’m allowed to buy new  undies, bras and socks!

I’m actually really excited! So as my journey unfolds I will start to share some of my adventures in shopping for recycled clothes only, Ive already seen a few things that my heart went boom for. But alas not for me, so my adventure for second hand clothes has started so lets see what I can find!

wish me luck x