School Holiday Fun: My Top 4 Raw Recipes to Create with your Kids

Raw Banana Bread
This recipe includes a lot of ‘mashing’ things up in a bowl! Safe, simple and very entertaining for the little ones. (Just be prepared for some messiness!)

Nut Free Bliss Balls
My oldest, Issy, loves to help me roll the mixture into balls and sprinkle coconut flakes. We even have a little competition as to who can make the most bliss balls from our half of the mixture.

Coconut Wrap
A really simple way to watch and teach your kids to make their own healthy lunch. I recommend placing the ingredients in separate bowls and letting your kids build their own flavours.

Almond Milk
Let your kids watch how you turn solid almonds into yummy liquid, letting them hold the nut bag to drain the milk into mason jars. Issy loves to choose which mason jar to fill up first and then saving some at the end to drink straight away.