Review on the Optimum 400 Juicer from The Raw Food Mum

I am a massive fan of the Optimum Blenders – they are a affordable high powered blender that IMG_8405will easily get you on your way to making lots of yummy raw smoothies and meals! Sooo when the new Optimum 400 was released I was excited to see what this baby was capable of doing seeing it’s sister high blender simply rocks!

So here’s the low down!  I have been using the Optimum 400 for nearly a month a now!  I have put it through all the greens you can think off and the common veggies that we juice daily!

For those that don’t even know what a cold press juicer is!  A cold press juicer is a masticating juicer that does not heat up the enzymes which means that the juice  retains more vitamins, minerals and enzymes intact in comparison to high speed juicers.

I have to say for someone who is just entering the world of juicing and they were thinking of getting a juicer I think this is the perfect juicer!

  • It is affordable at a price point of  $281. So if you are just starting on your journey with juicing it is a great entry point to a cold press juicer that will get you on your way with juicing!
  • An upright juicer like a Breville is up there at price points of $269 and they are centrifugal juicers – for the nearly the same investment you can purchase a cold press juicer which saves money in the long run as you get more juice from your veggies using a cold press juicer than a centrifugal juicer any day.
  • Nutritional tests* (between a cold press and centrifugal juicer) revealed that cold press juicers extract up to 42% more vitamin C, up to 60% more vitamin A and yield between 35 – 50% more juice.* Test results from Michelson Laboratories,Inc., Korean Food Research Institute (KRFI), and internal labs.
  • The Optimum 400 has a really slow RPM compared to other slow juicers on the market – and this was the one difference I noticed compared to my old upright cold press juicer – which in turn I discovered limits the amount pulp you get in your juice – The Optimum 400 operates via a masticating (chewing) method it slowly  compress fruit and vegetables to ‘press’ out their juice, with the Optimum 400 has a 65 RPM
  • Minimal juice separation and foaming – Now I did notice that the juicer does create foam from the veggies when juiced – HOWEVER  there is a trick here! Place a small amount of linseed oil, hemp oil, coconut oil ( melted)  through your juicer first and it will limit the amount of froothing when juicing!
  • Cleaning! The Optimum 400 has a few parts and it has  a big basket, so cleaning can require a little effort – but again the trick when you juice! IS TO CLEAN YOUR JUICER AS SOON AS YOU FINISH JUICING, before you even drink your juice! trust me the moment you leave you juicer to sit there .. little bits of pulp start drying off and it becomes painful! If you clean your juicer as soon as you finish, the effort is half and you will happily enjoy juicing juicing 🙂

I honestly think this is the perfect juicer for someone who is just starting out juicing!  It is a much superior product than a Breville and it is still affordable. The Optimum 400 is an upright juicer so again the comparison I have made is of similar upright cold pressed juicers and If you are just starting out with juicing I think this a fabulous juicer to get you started and it ticks all the boxes!

I have a little photp gallery to show you my experience with The Optimum 400 below…

Juicing greens

I put the juicer through all sorts of veggies, including Kale, Celery, spinach, herbs – The trick with any juicer is to juice your greens first let them go through the juicer first. Cut your veggies up smaller! its helps extract the juice and the veggies do not get stuck!

IMG_8402 IMG_8403

Dry Pulp

You can see here that the picture the juice from the greens have been extracted thoroughly.


This is a picture of the pulp from the Optimum 400 – Another trick when juicing is to wait for the pulp of the greens to start coming out of the juicer before you start juicing the rest of your vegetables – it avoids the juicer getting clogged up.


You can see here that hardly any pulp is stuck to the basket – I have known other brands to have chucks of vegetables still sitting in the basket after finishing juicing!


One Yummy green juice using the Optimum 400 Juicer:)




If you have any questions about the Optimum 400 – Please feel free to send me an email – I may not get back to you straight away but I will do my best!

Happy Juicing!

Sarah x