I currently run two workshops –  Raw 101 and my Raw Food 4 Kids workshop in RawFoodWorkshops_Coverperson. These workshops are great for a  group of friends or mums who want to get together and want to learn in a fun environment together, all there is to learn about raw food. I also run 1:1 private workshops.

Details of each workshop:

  1. Raw 101 Basics Workshop
  2. Raw Food for Kids Workshop
  3.  1:1 Private Workshops

Coming soon I will be offering my two workshop modules on line – so you wont even have to leave the comfort of your home, to learn all there is to know about raw food for your family.

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These courses are the perfect place to start learning about the power of Raw Food. Whether you would like to be 100%, 75% or just add a little Raw into your families diet by adding raw live food you can experience a profound improvement in your health and your children’s health, and best of all you can get your kids involved as well.


If you would like me to host a workshop in person please email me for more information   I look forward to hearing from you!