Going RAW for 30 days!

It’s time for this mumma to RE-Boot her body and get back to 100% RAW.

I haven’t been 100% Raw since I became pregnant with Isabelle, and for many reasons through out my pregnancy I craved cooked food ( this was always whole foods ) and late into my pregnancy I did start to eat more Raw Foods.

Click here to read my not so raw journey during my pregnancy with Isabelle.

Since having Isabelle and being a new mum I have only managed to eat a very high RAW raw101diet. Which I am very happy about, however I woke up the other day and I felt tired and run down and just thought to myself I really need to get back to how I used to feel before I had Isabelle, and the light was turned on again! Back to all RAW SARAH!

And like that I made the decision to start with 30 days all RAW and see where it takes me. I did a 30 day Raw challenge last time I decided to go raw and 18 months later I was still Raw… so who knows how many days I end up raw this time!

I will also posting all the yummy recipes I make in the Raw Food Kids Newsletter so be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out.

Would you like to go RAW with me?

There are a few thing you really need if you want to go RAW you can view my

If you would like to learn more about RAW FOOD, Sarah also offers RAW FOOD COACHING if your interested you can find our more information by clicking here!

Wish me luck I cant wait to share all the yummy food,  and I look forward to sharing my 30 RAW day challenge with you!