Raw Food Meetup Group

The Surfcoast Raw Food Meetup Group is an informal group connecting like minded people to share information, recipes, and delicious raw and livings foods at local gatherings which will be held in the towns throughout the Surfcoast and occasionally Geelong region.

If you have interest in raw and living foods – even if you are not eating 100% RAW – or if you are just looking to learn more about RAW food, this is a great way to learn and meet like minded people.

We will be holding regular picnics, workshops and other social events around RAW food. Basically the goal is to support you in your exploration of raw and living foods so you can grow and move forward in your daily diet.

We ask that you join the SurfCoast RAW Meeetup Group before attending our meetups, its free and we keep up to date with events, picnics, talk etc..

We look forward to meeting you soon!