Raw Food Dad Hamish Quinney talks Raw Food…

I am very excited to share Hamish’s take on Raw Food, and he is also going to continue sharing his knowledge with you in future posts on The Organic Mum!  With over three years worth of knowledge being 100% Raw, I feel Hamish has a lot to offer and hopefully we can get some posts from a Dad’s perspective on Raw Food and parenting.

So here is it Hamish’s First post…

Raw Food and the Raw Food movement what is it all about?

My personal journey and passion for Raw Food started about 5 Years ago, and people still like to ask why? Well I can answer this question very easily but still it is hard to understand for some people. I think it has to do with how conscious we are of our own health and if we want to be responsible.

If you don’t want to be responsible you go to the Doctor and if you care for your own health you start searching for everything healthy that you can bring into your life and Raw Food is one of many.

Raw Food are Wholefoods in there natural form and are the lest taxing on our organs and digestive system and processed foods are denatured foods either from being cooked or mixed with fillers, preservatives, artificial flavours and colours and other additives we are unaware of and when you eat these foods you often give your digestive system a cocktail of trouble to sort out, not only can they be hard to digest they can also be responsible for low energy, confusion, aches and pains and much more. Raw Food to me is at the positive side of the spectrum and highly processed food is at the negative side.

If we keep feeding ourselves with processed foods our systems are constantly using our energy to deal with the havoc of the denatured food we are consuming and we are left with less energy to enjoy our lives and do other activities, so we essentially create a blockage in our energy fields. The more we make these choices for our system it speeds up the process of too many toxins in our systems that we cannot get rid of fast enough leaving us in a state of compromised function and discomfort.

This is where Raw Live Food can have medicinal assistance to help your system repair itself and bring it back to its natural state and flow.

Raw Food has an effect on every level from the clarity of your mind and how you communicate with others and the respect you develop for the environment, more plant life equals more oxygen and better soil quality, something that has been seriously depleted by years of unconscious farming and care for the land.
My diet and my family’s diet now consists of about 80% Raw Live Wholefoods and 20% cooked food. I have found this to be a good balance in the many challenges of social occasions and food options that are available to us.

If you want to introduce more raw live wholefoods into your diet I would highly recommend starting the day with a green juice or a green smoothie, by practicing this your system becomes more accepting of Raw Live Food and will start to naturally gravitate towards more.

My Favorite green smoothie recipe is…


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 ½ cups of almond milk
  • 2 dried figs
  • big handful of spinach
  • Blend in a high powered blender until creamy and smooth!Enjoy!

Hamish Quinney