Q&A no2. December 14, 2013

  1. Q&A time …Got any questions about Raw Food and diet or how we eat as a family! Ask away below and I will post the answers up this Wednesday night! ask away…..
    • Ally Acton… Are there any foods you make an exception for or choose to eat cooked occasionally due to a specific nutritional benefit?
      HI Ally, I don’t eat cooked foods for a nutritional benefit – but sometimes when we are out and if there isnt a raw food option we dont stress about it and will eat a vegan or vegetarian meal! We used to be very strict and found it in some instances created more stress which in the end isnt good for you too! I Honestly cant think of anything that is of nutritional benefit cooked! Except foods like starchy carbs which need to be cook for the body to be able to digest like white potato etc..
    • Megan Grace… what do you do in winter when you really want something warm and comforting
      Megan we make lots of raw soups – you can warm blended soups up to 115F. or you an use warming spices. In winter the only vegie we eat cooked sometimes is sweet potato – just to add a bit of warmth. recipe here for a winter soup —>http://www.therawfoodmum.com/the-raw-food-mums-winter-veggie-soup/
      Alexandra Young… Can you make dehydrated foods (like the cauliflower popcorn and seed ‘bread’) in the oven if you don’t own a dehydrator?
      Alexandra – yes you can but its not raw. When you cook at high temps it is not classed as raw! However its still going to be a 10000000 times better than other options so its a balance 🙂 you can use an oven on the lowest setting with the door open. It is not the same as a dehydrator.

    • Kayleen Thoren… Do you have much good go to waste? Is freezing food acceptable?
      Kayleen we compost all our scraps. We currently have a bath of composting coconuts:)  I think Freezing food is fine. Its a great idea for storing food when in season so that you can use it later in the year!  We have half a rubbish bin of recycling each month. I remember when I first went raw I was struck but how much is actually packaged it was like it hit me in the head!
      Rebecca Broderick… I want to lose some weight by drinking smoothies, but am still breastfeeding, any points you can tell me so my supply doesn’t drop or something I should add?
      Rebecca keep breastfeeding, thats the best weight loss tip!  I would keep up lots of leafy greens and listen to your body! When I bf Issy I just had lots of green smoothies, and big salads, smoothies and I didnt put on weight I lost it. The only thing I wish i had have had was more calcium plant products. I get my bloods tested for my levels to make sure my nutrient demands are being meet and at 22 months of bf my calcium was low. Issy was sucking it all from me.. I increase tahini and its was back up to normal about 4 months later! Next bf though I will be using Green Nutririonals green calcium daily ( I also take it now and Issy has it too)
    • Chantel Lehmann…Do raw foodies eat chick peas? Or do you have to sprout them to make hummus? And do you eat kelp noodles? The packets says raw but I’m not to sure?
      Yes all lenitls should be sprouted or cooked. The body can not digest lentils raw.  Issy does has hummus. I eat kelp noddles but you know there are probably better options out there than kelp noodles:)   Not all kelp is raw so you want to make sure that either the package is labeled raw or check with the manufacturer.
      Beata Ronowicz…. Vit B12 dose for Adult &Kids brand you use or know is good?Where I can buy your book?
      HI Beata. I have taken Multi Code raw b12( you get that at iherb).  But my levels have never been really low, we also have nutritional yeast which contains B12. YOu can also take nutritional yeast and fermented foods they also contain natural sources of b12
    • Tracy Cole…. Is nutritional yeast a whole food? I eat mostly plant based food and don’t understand what it is. Thanks heaps for any help.
      Here is the FAQ page of Braggs on Nutritional Yeast has also the info you need:)
      Hannah White…. Also what the best average price dehydrator if I can’t afford a great stainless steal one?
      Hannah we have a few over at the store that range from $279 – $500. I have use the smaller round ones. But we upgraded to a 9 tray excalibur never looked back!
      April Eveleigh I have been wondering what foods you CANNOT eat raw? I have heard of ones like potato (which we don’t eat anyway) and silver beet..
      Yes silverbeet is not a food you should eat raw it depletes your iron levels, foods like starchy carbs – white potato, grains should be sprouted or cooked.
      April Eveleigh…. Also wondering about probiotics and fermenting. I currently use neways lacto-flora, but am looking for something that we can use for the whole family in our daily diet.
      Hi April we use and stock the probiotc healh force probitics, we use it in all our fermenting.
      Pia Roberts ….You can’t eat silverbeet raw? Is this true?
      No you shouldn’t. Silverbeet should be cooked as when eaten raw is can delete your irons levels
      Carmen Foster… When you make a chia seed pudding does the chia go slimy?
      Carmen they should go gluggy!
      Nicola Kruger… I’m looking to replace a dessert spoon of brown sugar mixed into porridge with a healthy but yummy option. Have thought of honey but I’m not sure what the kjs would be compared with a dessert spoon of brown sugar.Nicola why not try a sweeter such as stevia? it is low Gi and no calories?
    • Kayleen Thoren…. Would you consider raw dairy? Unpasturaised?
      well yeah it is but its not vegan. A true 100% raw diet is vegan. Well thats what the purest believe.
      Natalie Protheroe… I am very keen to go raw but where do I start??
      Just start including one raw meal, then two and then maybe another. Lots of greens.


      • 100% Raw:   People who go 100% raw overnight, tend to experience great benefits soon after they go raw, almost an enlightenment feeling. Hamish went 100% Raw overnight – he threw out any and all cooked food in house. I however on the other hand transitioned to raw. It took me about 2 months to go 100% raw. I had a green smoothie everyday then I craved more raw, then I ate raw for lunch then slowly raw for dinner and before I knew it i was 100% raw for 18 months.
      • What is High Raw: The definition of high raw is between 80%-99%  of raw foods. What this means is that people who are high raw intend to eat raw all of the time, but that there are certain circumstances they are a little more flexible when not eating raw food.  For example often when we are out a restaurant with family we will eat a vegetarian or vegan meal – its about being flexible but knowing that when you get home you will get straight back to eating Raw food. This is where we sit. Even though we might be 100% at some stages in our life, I can never truly say I am 100% Raw.
      • One or Two Raw Meals a day: This is the most common method for increasing your raw intake.One of the simplest ways to add more raw foods into your diet, is to make two out of your three meals a day Raw. The idea is that you eat two raw meals and your snacks are all raw. Then you choose which meal is not Raw.
      • You will notice that the more raw food you eat the more raw food you will want to eat. Hope that helps:)