GreenSmoothie/Juice Challenges

THE NEXT CHALLENGE is: 14 Day Green Smoothie/Juice Challenge and it Starts on Monday 12th September!


How exciting that you want to join me on the next challenge!

Every year for the past 6 years I have been holding green smoothie, Juice and raw food challenges –  Gee all up there must have been over 10,000+ people join in at some stage over the last 6 years! That’s a lot of people wanting to learn about making healthy choices – and most of all we have had so much fun doing it!

What is the 14 day green smoothie/Juice challenge?

The challenge is Free and its all about including one green drink into your and or your families diet for 14 days!  – It really is that simple!

I also post a picture of my daily green smoothie drink and recipe in our facebook group – join in and have some fun whilst getting healthy! I also share what my girls are having as well!

This is NOT a juice fast, or a meal replacement challenge – this is about getting greens into our diets, swapping some unhealthy habits for new ones!

How do get involved in the challenge?

How do get involved in the challenge?


  1. Sign up to the Challenge FREE here and to receive your bonus Shopping List  You will also receive a daily email with tips and a daily recipe throughout the challenge. Your first email will arrive in your inbox on Monday
  2. Grab your 70 page Green Smoothie/Challenge e-book here


Learning from each other and making healthy changes for the whole family

The Raw Food Mums challenges are all about learning, community, supporting and inspiring each other as well as getting the whole family including the kids in making some healthy changes together!

The best part is all you need is a blender or a juicer and some beautiful fresh greens and fruits to create something truly delicious and insanely nutritious.

Head on over to The Raw Food Mum’s Facebook to join in the fun and join in the next Challenge.

See you soon

Sarah x

p.s Don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of Raw Food 4 Kids as well ! Its really a book for the whole family not just for kids! you can find out more here..