Green Smoothie Questions & Answers

I put a post up on The Raw Food Mum face book for everyone to post their questions regarding Green Smoothies. And listed below are some question and my replies 🙂

  • I think I need more fiber in my smoothies? Or maybe even in my diet?
    Green Smoothies should be full of enough fibre as your not juicing your just blending. If you say wanted to get the bowels moving a bit more try adding ground linseed to your smoothies, that not only help fill you up they are also great with helping in the you know what department 🙂
  •   What’s the best base you would recommend for a green smoothie and how much?
    The best base is banana’s. Buy them on sale when spotty ( this is when bananas are at their peak. Cut them up into small pieces and freeze. You save on time and money.I picked up organic bananas for $2kg yesterday!    Here is a link for a list of smoothies without using bananas! Just dont forget to add you greens!
  • Do you need a high powered blender or is a hand held stick blender enough?
    Ok so when I started out raw all those years ago! My bought me a magi mix hand held blender.. I used to blend away for minutes on end still with little bits of greens not properly blended.  So getting sick of that I then went and purchased a blender for $50 at target this died twice – so not only had I purchased essentially three blenders all broke or didnt do the job properly – remember I am also a person who uses a blender sometimes up to 3 times a day!
     Investing in a high powered blender Raw Food Mum Froothie Blenderstakes Green Smoothies to a whole new level!  I have recently discovered the Froothie Blenders which I sell on my site for two reasons
    1. They are affordable (much cheaper than the Vitamix and
    2. They are just as powerful as the Vitamix.  They are also owned by an Australian Company ( which in this current climate I think is a plus keeping it Australian)You can get by with a hand held blender but if you make the investment you simply wont look back and it will last 10 years of more!
  • Is there a cost/smoothie meal plan for a family of 4 wanting a smoothy daily? anywhere? and storage – I know you can freeze the prep stuff but what about the actual smoothy if you cant drink it all ? i have frozen this and made into iceblocks but wasn’t sure on nutrients lost?
    As far as cost goes.. this is going to be a little difficult to answer at it depends on where your located, seasonal availability etc..
    The Little Green Book of Green Smoothies by The Raw Food Mum
    In the little book of Green Smoothies I have listed a 7 days worth of Green Smoothies that is suitable for a family. The servings are for one but you can just x 4.Drinking your green smoothie straight away is best. However if you store you smoothie with as little air in a container you are going to decrease the level of oxidation.  The nutrient levels of  a green smoothie are still going to far out weigh many other choices. So even if you have lost a little I wouldn’t stress to much. 

    I often store my smoothies in a glass container if I have made too much and drink them later that day or the next day.
  • Where can you get that wide straw Issy was using?21foKew2OuL._SL125_

You can get the glass straws through my amazon store here

  • What’s the bet way to freeze the ingredients so they last longer? Anything you wouldn’t freeze?You can place your ingredients in a zip lock bag for the week. Or make your smoothies and place into ice cubes.  Fresh is always best though 🙂  This is also explained in The Little Book of Green Smoothies

  • What’s the best ingredients to get a protein packed smoothie?
    I have never heard of a protein deficiency on a raw food diet. I actually explain this in the Raw Food 4 Kids Book which I should have called Raw food 4 Families as it explains all you need to know about Iron, Protein and Calcium on a raw food dietMany people are obsessed with getting enough protein and are worried they aren’t getting enough protein in their green smoothie so want to add more.  If you were inclined to add protein powder to your diet, the best type is a vegan protein powder such as a rice protein powder. 
  • What the best green smoothie to aid weightloss?

    Adding any greens in your diets is going to aid in healthy choices. However most people who go raw will and do loose weight.  If you wanted some further advice or personal goal setting with raw foods. I also offer a raw food coaching service where I can assist for those wanting to achieve certain goals
  • Do you think greens like silverbeet and chards are too high in oxalic acid to have in smoothies. I know they are fine to cook but I tend to avoid them raw.

    The short answer is “generally, no”. There are a few rare medical conditions such as Primary Hyperoxaluria and Enteric Hyperoxaluria where one would need to restrict their dietary intake of oxalic acid. Also, those who are susceptible and have been treated for calcium-oxalate kidney stones, and therefore at risk of forming them again, should watch their intake of oxalate-containing foods.Otherwise, oxalic acid is not believed to be a health concern for most people. Keep in mind that your body regularly produces oxalic acid, often synthesizing other substances such as vitamin C into oxalic acid. Whether you eat foods that contain it or not, your body maintains a naturally-occurring level of oxalic acid and regularly produces it whether you consume it in your diet or not. Source:

  • How many green smoothies do you normally have a day?
    I normally have one. Sometimes I will have two ( I actually had two today)
  • Do most peeps blending green smoothies end up with chunky smoothies? Is that part of the shtick?
    All part of using a cheaper blender.. the trick when using a cheaper blender is to blend the greens and water first then add the fruits.
  • Which variety of kale do you use?
    All varieties. A high powered blender will break all these varieties down
    •   Curly leaved (Scots Kale)
    •   Plain leaved
    •    Leaf and spear (a hybrid of curly leaved and plain leaved Kale)
    •    Cavolo nero (also known as black cabbage, Tuscan Cabbage, Tuscan (or Toscano) Kale, Lacinato and dinosaur Kale)
  •  What age should I introduce a green smoothie?

    I personally recommend introducing Green Smoothies from 9 months of age. This is the age which I introduced them to Issy. A baby’s digestive system is so young – use a very small amount of greens and introduce slowly.
  • What about dental hygiene with introducing green smoothies and juices for kids?
    I have been asked this question a few times. I brush Issy’s teeth twice a day!  There are going to be far more dental issues with processed sugar laden foods that are going to cause more dental decay than a green smoothie given you practice the right dental hygiene.
  • Have you got a smoothie that would include all an adults calcium needs for the day? Have a niggling concern since I stopped dairy products. 

    Add Chia Seed, Tahini. I list a range of foods in my free nutritional food chart which you can download for free when you subscribe to The Raw Food Mums Newsletter.

    Hope that helps everyone
    Sarah x


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