Green Smoothie Containers 4 kids. Which Ones work?

As you know I am a huge fan of the Green Smoothie!

But to make them easy to fit into a busy lifestyle is another issue, the best accessory is the drink bottle/ container, and finding a good one is sometimes hard!

I the past I have used glass jars, which are great for when you are at home and you want to store your green smoothie, but when your out and about and or driving a glass jar can be messy, so what you need is a great bottle which you can easily drink from!

The things you want to look for..

  • A large opening at the top of the drink bottle so when you get a thick smoothie it fits through it. Sometimes when you have a straw its really hard to suck through.
  • Small enough to fit into your handbag/bag whilst big enough to fill you up when you are on the go.
  • Parts have to be easy to clean as often fiddly drink bottles with small parts can be difficult and a nuisance to clean.

So for the Mums what is  the best smoothie drink bottle?

Well, I have a had good look to find the best green smoothie drink bottle in Australia and I honestly think the Thermos drink bottle is the best! It has a huge opening at the mouth of the bottle, no straws, and it is super easy to clean!

For a busy mum like me its a must!





And for babies and kids..

Well there are so many brands to choose from, and I have tested a few with Isaballe.


Anything with a thin straw doesn’t really work ( like the Heinz bottle pictured on the right hand side – I would just stick to water using these)

The Nuby on the left hand side and middle has a thicker straw, so its easy to get smoothie through. From the age of 9 months Issy been able to suck her green smoothies through the Nuby straws! And the best thing with Nuby is that as they grow and can drink a larger quantity’s of  smoothie you can switch over to the larger bottles!

You can purchase the Thermos Drink Bottles and the the Nuby Drink Bottles at our online store, seriously it has been the best investment and it also means there are no excuses not to have our green smoothies if we are out and about for the day!

So drink up those delicious smoothies! yummmm

If you know of another good smoothie bottle can you let me know, I am always looking for products that help make our Raw life easy.

Nuby Cups and the Thermos Drink Bottles are available to purchase from The Organic Mum Online Store
Nuby Drink Bottles