Fun Uses for Spare Kombucha Scobys

In a previous article, I shared the benefits of Kombucha, a fizzy, non-alcoholic, and fermented drink made from tea and sugar. The Scoby is the rubbery, alien-like blob that grows on top of your fermented kombucha after a couple of weeks. It’s where the yeast and bacteria live and thrive, which is what makes this tea so nutritious, and delicious! But not only that, scobys protect the tea from bad bacteria while it’s fermenting, and seals it.

The Kombucha Scoby is sometimes called the “Kombucha Mother” or “Kombucha Mushroom.” Don’t get confused with the names, they’re all the same and…

it will multiply like rabbits!!

Every bottle of raw kombucha you purchase contains small strands of scobys. With a little knowledge and care, you can easily grow your own kombucha mother, and maintain a never ending supply. But this can have drawbacks too. Since every batch of kombucha brewed can produce its own scoby, you may find yourself overwhelmed and overstocked.

What are you going to do with all that scoby?

This can easily happen, especially if you love drinking kombucha like I do, and you don’t have a continuous brewer. If you plan on brewing kombucha for the long term, you could build a scoby hotel where you can store your scoby, but still… how much scoby do you really need?

So, here are some ideas to help you deal with those extra scoby, and not feel like you have a scoby invasion in your kitchen!

Sharing is caring.
Give a scoby to a friend and encourage them to try kombucha, and reap its health benefits.

Make Scoby Snacks.
Marinate the scobys in your favourite spices and sauce for a day, then line them in parchment paper and dry them at 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit until they reach the texture of beef jerky. You can enjoy it as it is, or use as salad garnish.

Feed it to your Pets.
Animals can also benefit from Kombucha. Why not let them try it too? It makes a healthy alternative or addition to dog or cat food. Even your beloved pets need to have healthy digestive systems so they can be with you for a long time. Try giving them the jerky version instead of a raw scoby.

Try Scoby Sushi.
Slice up those scobys, and eat it like sushi. The scoby has a texture very similar to squid. Add soy sauce and wasabi, and pick up those chopsticks for a healthy snack.

Use it as a Mask or Toner.
Take the scobys and lay it on your face, the way you lay cucumbers on your eyes. Leave it there for 15 minutes or so. The fresher, the better. The pH content of the scoby acts like a mild acid peel, which removes the dead skin cells, and makes your skin feel and look smoother, and softer. The scoby culture also pulls blood circulation closer to your skin’s surface, helping regenerate skin cells.

Heal Wounds with Scobys.
Due to the high pH content, the scoby can be placed on top of wounds, cuts or burns on the skin, to help with the healing process. They can sting a little. The bacteria in the scoby sends out microfibrils, a strand-like filament which links up to other bacteria in the skin to form a nano-structure that thickens in time.

Add it to your Smoothie Recipe.
If you like the benefits, but not the rubbery, squid-like texture in your mouth, blend the scobys with your smoothies instead. You’ll get the same good bacteria, without noticing the slimy texture.

Not only is kombucha a refreshing and healthy beverage, you can see that it has multiple uses too. How do you use your extra kombucha scobys? Share your tips below.