Day 9.. Shopping with a Toddler!

This morning we had Steiner Play Group! Which was just lovely!

But afterwards we headed to Torquay to do our weekly shop!


Am I the only that gets strung out when shopping? I now know why parents go shopping alone!  Poor lil Issy screamed throughout most of the shops we went to day. She really needed to go home to sleep after playgroup but as we live 40 mins from the shops she had to endure a shopping session with mum and she was super tired  🙁

I even had one dear old lady who made light of it! She said “Wouldn’t you just love to be able scream like that when you want” My answer “I would love to scream like that right now”! we both had a bit of a giggle! Thank you nice old lady you are still making me smile today!

But on another subject

Is feeding a family is getting even more expensive these days?

And it has been the question I have been asking mums and friends this week!

How much do you spend a week on food? Lately for us it has been about $350.00 a week.

Now we don’t buy a lot of packaged processed food, I can honestly say it is mostly organic fruit and vegetables. We don’t buy meat or alcohol and we don’t buy take-away and we rarely go out for dinner (due to the diet that eat) but even we are noticing that the price of goods is going up, and so is our grocery bill!

Is the Cost of Shopping Online Cheaper than buying Local?

I think I’m going to have to visit some online stores soon for our bulk items like nuts soon. And although I would love to support our local food stores its honestly becoming a little more expensive than online is offering!

Here are some pictures our weekly shop!


Have you also had this experience? Where do we draw the line… support local or support our family financially? It really is tough call as I would love to shop locally for bulk items but it really is increasingly becoming harder to do so especially on the back pocket!

Day 9 … Raw Food Journal Tuesday 12th February


Started the day with a Hot Lemon and Water!20130212-154044.jpg


  • Green Smoothie > Beetroot tops from the garden, Banana, Apple and Nectarine! Delicious


Morning Tea



  • 20130212-154050.jpgRaw Chocolate Smoothie from Surfcoast Whole Foods! Its great seeing Raw food in cafes down here on the coast! This one was Raw Cacao, Banana, Almond Milk, Tahini, Agave nectar and protein powder. It was yummy!


As usual my little Issy got straight stuck into it! I don’t often give Issy cacao but she can have a little bit now and then. Normally If she has chocolate is carob rather than cacao. She has never eaten conventional chocolate, and I hope I can prevent this for a few more years!




  • Massive Salad with Hemp Seeds and Tahini Dressing. We also dress our salads with Apple Cider Vinegar and Salt! I am often asked what dressing we use, and people are surprised out how simple a salad dressing makes the veggies taste!


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