Day 6… Raw Lunch Extravaganza!


Day 6 … All Raw Food Journal

Day 6! Was Off to a great start as I went for a 6km run in the morning along the beach.

It was just beautiful and a few times I closed my eyes running, and I felt so alive and so blessed for just being alive, then throw in all the bonuses like my daughter, my partner, my family and my health! I am one lucky girl really.


Raw Lunch…

We also went out today to a friends house ( mud brick/rammed earth beautiful home ) and had a delicious yummy raw lunch! Check out these yummy meals..

20130210-092950.jpg 20130210-093003.jpg



Detoxing Continues…

We didn’t have lunch till about 2.30 in the afternoon and after my big run in the morning I felt quiet light headed! But food soon fixed that up! But in the evening I really felt some serious detoxing going on again, with a massive stomach ache, it really felt like something was coming out of my guts! So today I am going to do my First Enemas ( I will post about it on Day 7)

Is the Detoxing Affecting Issy?

Issy’s poos have also settled down, so I am putting her runny poo’s down to maybe a little of my detoxing and teethy pegs are coming!


Day 6… Raw Food Journal

Started the day with a Hot Lemon and Water!

  • 1 Banana
  • 6 Km Run


  • Warrior Protein Powder & Bananas


  • See Above for pictures!
  • Entree > Raw Canape
  • Raw Pasta
  • Raw Cupcakes ( had about 3! They were so yummy)


  • 2 Glasses of juice. After such a late lunch and big lunch I just couldn’t eat! But my 20130210-092752.jpgbody was craving a big veggie juice and that’s what it go!
  • Beetroot fresh from our Veggie Garden ) Beetroot leaves, Carrot, Apple, Lemon & Cucumber. My taste buds were dancing!


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