Day 18 through to Day 21… All Raw Update!

What happened here! I have fallen off the Raw Food Journal! Wow I cant believe I am up to day 21 of ALL RAW! only 9 to go! Hmm I think I might just keep going until Day 60 maybe Day 90 who knows!

Now I cant quiet remember what I ate four days ago but I have been keeping a photo journal. Life with a toddler can get very busy and I have also been working on the RAW FOOD KIDS uncook book, so apologies!

Emotions and supplementation.

So what has been happening emotionally. Well a lot to be honest. I tried to introduce some Raw Multivitamins into my diet, but they make me go a little coco loco and anxious. I have noticed this on a few occasions. But I thought I would try them once more.. not a good idea! For some reason there is something in multivitamins that just don’t sit well with me. I would be interested if anyone else had this reaction!

What supplements do I take?

At the moment I am taking the Omega Zen DHA, Vitamin D, B12 and occasionally chlorealla. I am going to do a more in-depth post on supplementation this week. Including what supplementation Issy takes.

All raw and being prepared…

I am still loving being all raw again! And sure there are moments where I question myself and this usually comes into play when I am not organised or I haven’t prepared any bread or snacks. And I have to admit that it does take a lot of work, especially when I make all our dehydrated snacks and breads etc.. If we had a store which we could easily pop down and buy from – I’m not even sure I would, I much prefer making food from scratch knowing exactly what goes in it.

Anyway! here is a little visual delight on all the Raw Food I have been eating the last four days, hope you enjoy xx


  •  Raw Buckwheat Porridge and Beetroot/Green Juice


  • Issy’s Teddy Bear Biscuits


  • Steal Cut Oats Porridge





  • Yong Greens yesterday for lunch I had the Seaweed salad, raw pizza and I even got stuck into Hamish Raw Pad Thai! I had been wedding dress shopping with my sister in the morning and well that is enough to drive any lady to eat! I was so hungry I just forgot to take pictures of the food until I remembered and all that was left was this beautiful yummy Sea Weed Salad


  • Another Delicious and Nutritious Veggie Juice


  • Green Smoothie .. Oh my these are my staple I could live on green smoothies!


  • Tonight we had Raw Pasta. Issy is really loving her Raw Food I think because her four back molars are through as well she is enjoying chewing her food.  I will include this recipe for Raw pasta as it is a kid friendly sauce.


Love Sarah! x