Day 10… Recycling Resealable bags?

Its going to be a quick update tonight as I am a little tired tonight:)20130213-193930.jpg

But I thought I would share with you a handy tip with re-using plastic bags! We use them for storing our avocado in them! Works a treat!  You can use them a few times, and then give them a wash and into the recycling they go! Still even better try and get to a co-op that sells bulk items!

Day 10 … Raw Food Journal Wednesday 12th February


  • I forgot to get Lemons yesterday so I Started the day with a BIG GREEN SMOOTHIE and so did Issy! This Mornings Green Smoothie had Lucuma Powder and a teaspoon of Chia Seeds, Kale, Banana and Blueberry as well as some coconut water.



  • Yummy Raw Salad with Raw Veggie Chips which Issy decided to also get stuck into!
  • 20130213-193940.jpg20130213-193946.jpg

Afternoon Snack

  • Warrior chocolate Protein powder with 2 Bananas.20130213-193958.jpg


  •   The Protein Smoothie filled me up so I just felt like a juice tonight with home grown Beetroot, cucumber from our community garden, Beet tops, Kale, Apple and Carrot.



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