7 creative ways to use Coconut Butter

Coconut butter contains the meaty goodness of the coconut, blended into a silky, creamy texture. There are many fabulous ways to enjoy coconut butter including:

  1. Simply adding a spoonful to a light veggie stir-fry to give it a delicious, creamy flavour.
  2. Drizzled over fresh fruit – if the fruit is chilled the coconut butter hardens to create a delightfully crunch to the fruit.  Pineapple is a great one to try!
  3. Spread on raw or cooked pancakes – a little goes a long way and the good fats will fill you up whilst balancing your blood sugar too!
  4. Use the butter as a dairy-free coffee creamer – stir a spoonful of coconut butter into your hot coffee or tea.  The slightly sweet, coco-nutty flavour compliments coffee as well as herbal tea.
  5. Make an instant creamy tomato sauce – add two tablespoons of coconut butter to warmed tomato pasta sauce to give it a yummy creamy flavour.
  6. Enjoy dairy-free hot cocoa – all you need is coconut butter, cocoa powder and your favourite natural sweetener.  Simply add the ingredients to a cup filled 3/4 with warm water, stir briskly and enjoy.  For a smooth texture, whizz it in your blender for a few seconds.
  7. Coconut berry bites (kids’ favourite! ) –  For simple kid-friendly finger-food, dip berries into softened coconut butter then place into an ice cube container and store in the freezer. Great for those hot summer holidays!