Why I love the Optimum 8200 – My review

In any kitchen, a blender is one of those appliances that will turn solid ingredients into dsc_0722_new1_1liquid deliciousness. If you’re a big fan of smoothies you know what I mean! For better preparation of these foods and beverages, it is important to have a high quality blender in your possession. I also know that sometimes the price tag can also be  a little bit limiting for some….  Introducing the Optimum 8200!

As you may not know, I use everything before I stock it on our online store and we also eat a very high raw and sometimes fully raw lifestyle – we also have 9400 blender and I can confidently say that although it is not as powerful as the 9400 – it can certainly keep up with our daily use and its also at a great entry price point if $299.

The Optimum 8200

The Optimum 8200 is considered as an affordable alternative to Nutribullet, which is a more widely-known nutrient extractor. Just like the Nutribullet, it is a durable nutri extractor but at a more affordable price. Some of its best features include the wet and dry multi-purpose 6-blade stainless steel assembly and heavy duty tamper tool for improved processing and mixing. Moreover, it has a 30-day money back guarantee as well as access to expert support team.

Benefits of Using Optimum 8200

You may not be familiar with this fact, but cooking food can destroy up to 90% of its nutrients. That’s why a lot of people opt for raw smoothies occasionally. All you need is just a blender and a base of water or milk. The major benefit of smoothie is you are able to retain the fibre that you do not get when juicing. The Optimum 8200 is perfect for this kind of food preparation. It will help you extract the nutrients for easier digestion and for optimum nutrition as well.


Here are some functions that the Optimum 8200 which the other counterparts cannot:

– Freezing fruit into ice-creams and sorbet.
– Making smooth Nut Butters
– Crushing Ice
– Creating and heating soups (by blending water and vegetables)
– Chopping and Slicing for Food Prep
– Grinding Hard Spices
– Mixing Omelettes
– A Self-Cleaning Function

I have attached a video below of all the foods I made using the 8200 and at $299 at the moment, this is one affordable blender to get you started on your raw, or simply healthy journey!