What we eat in a week! The Raw Food Mums weekly shop!

It’s not often we get all out produce in one day, but today we did so I thought I would share what we eat in a week! We includes myself , Hamish and Issy šŸ™‚

We get a weekly order of fruit and vegetables from our local biodynamic farm! CasuarinaĀ  Biodynamic Farm hereĀ  on the Surfcoast!

Quick summary …… 3 bunches of kale 6 bags of mixed lettuce Apples, carrots ( we also buy
juicing carrots and eat them as normal) beans, peas, celery, plums, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes ( oh my good the most amazing tomatos) coriander. I also got some onions to make some raw onion bread and box of coconuts and lots more! I also topped up our order and got some organic frozen berries, avocados and some bananas from the supermarket!

We also buy our nuts and seeds ( all organic) in bulk from santos whole foods Byron bay (
I’ll be stocking some nuts and seeds in a few months on The Raw Food Store
our new house is nearly ready so will have the room to store them!) We purchased 6kg of linseeds, 10kg of almonds and 1kg of walnuts! The almonds and linseeds will last us for a good 3 months! The walnuts I use for bliss balls!

So that’s our raw food life in a week!

20140116-194552.jpg 20140116-194601.jpg 20140116-194608.jpg 20140116-194616.jpg 20140116-194624.jpg 20140116-194646.jpg 20140116-194655.jpg 20140116-194711.jpg