Today I shared a non raw meal with my daughter!

HI everyone I had a non raw meal today at lunch!
Ohh nooo Sarah’s not Raw anymore! Well I do see myself as a raw foodie I may not be 100% all the time but I believe life is about balance.

So what is balance..

Well if I am out and there is not a raw option like today I will have a vegan or vegetarian meal, and this is exactly what Issy and I did. And we had a lovely time together sharing our chickpea patty with salad! Having that mumma daughter date together is a memory I will have with me for my lifetime.

And tonight I had a big raw salad for dinner, I have made my chia seed pudding for breakfast and off we go on our raw merry way for the rest of the day tomorrow and probably the rest of the week!

But % are really irrelevant as it is not about how raw you are it’s about including any amount of Raw Food in your diet, be it one meal or two meals or all three! Any amount of nutrient dense live food is going to be good for and your children.

Lots of love Sarah x