The following food/ingredients are NOT RAW


It appears that with the rise and popularity of Raw Food, that there are many new products claiming that their foods are raw when they contain non raw ingredients.

Now Im all for your right to eat whatever you like, raw, cooked etc… But if you going to hop on board the whole raw movement stand behind it ethically, and ensure that all the ingredients are 100% raw before calling it Raw!  It is no different than creating a food product and labelling it additive free and then it containing a list of additives.

So what is Raw Food?  Raw food is food/ ingredients that have not been heated above 115F or 46C. The whole point of raw food is that the enzymes remain in tact so that the most nutrients can be absorbed by the body!  And whilst many are labelling their products as “Raw Power” “Raw Energy” or plain 100% raw. or just “Raw” when they include non raw ingredients such as rice malt syrup, Brown rice puffs. Sure some of these ingredients may have some nutritional benefits, but the truth lies that they are not raw!

So buyer beware the only lesson behind this and the new raw fad is  – always check your labels.

The following ingredients are not raw food ingredients

  • Oats
  • Rice Malt Syrup
  • Maple Syrup
  • Brown Rice Puffs
  • some Brown Rice protein
  • cacoa ( Not cacao)