Baby Signing

Why sign?

I came across baby signing on the web!

And straight away it caught my attention!  This seems such a natural thing for Isabelle and I to do!  I’m not going to put any pressure on her! But simply start signing when I speak to her, and explain to her what I am signing! Its simple!

People have been signing with their babies for years. The most common reason for doing so is an intense desire on the part of a parent or caregiver to find out exactly what is going on in a baby’s mind — what does she need? What does she want? What does she observe? What does she think about and remember?

Babies develop the fine muscles in their hands before they develop those required for speech, so they’re equipped to communicate with you before they can speak.  Just look at the first thing most parents teach their babies! Bye bye and waving of the hand.

We have started with a few signs! Mummy, Daddy, Book, Eat, Finished, More and Drink!

Most babies will invent their own “signs” to get their meaning across. Isabelle has already invented her own signs! Puppy dog and Fish! Where she make the noise of a fish – see You tube Video and she puts her tongue out and pants like a puppy! Something her dad taught her!

After doing Baby signs for only a few weeks Isabelle can sign book! I will post a video soon!

I also wanted to do Baby Signing to help assist us in our Elimination Communication, so that as Isabelle grows she can start communicating more about when she needs to poo and wee!

Baby Signs teaches American Sign Language! And I actually purchased the Kit which is great! But if you live in Australia check out the link below! it makes sense to teach your baby Australian Sign Language!

So happy Signing! I cant wait to share some videos of our progress signing!

Issy @ 15 months!