Day 28 all RAW and the benefits so far

Sunday 3rd March Day 28 All Raw.

Today I am up to day 28 of eating 100% raw food!

Which in the scheme of things isn’t really that important as I have been raw before for 18 months ( until our little angle turned up and the hormones went crazy!!! another story!) BUT in some way it is important to me. Since Isabelle was born,I had been trying to go back to being 100% raw, and I just couldn’t do it. Maybe it was that I was breastfeeding? Not sleeping through the night? not getting the right nutrients? who knows, but for whatever reason when I decided to go Raw again 28 days ago I knew I was making the right decision and OH MY GOSH AND I THANK FULL TO MYSELF!  I feel AMAZING.

These are some of the benefits I am feeling so far.

  • I actually get out of bed easily in the morning
  • My clarity of thought has returned
  • Emotions have settled and I am again working through my thoughts and actually getting somewhere with them.
  • I am no longer craving the emotive feeling of eating cooked food infact I think I will just continue on past the day 30 mark and keep going again!
  • I have more time for Isabelle as I have energy again
  • I was so tired just a month ago that I remember looking in the mirror and thinking this is not the mum I want to look like. I looked tired run down – now I look in the mirror again and my hair, my face and even my body are changing and I LIKE WHAT I AM SEEING!
  • Spiritually I feel connected again. I am feeling connected to the serendipity of coincidental moments, chance meetings and signs. I also feel a very strong connection to the Ocean again ( my greatest love affair has been with the ocean) and I am making time for myself to exercise and surf again.
  • I just had my period and had no discomfort this month whereas the last couple of months I have had cramping.

So these are just some of the benefits of going RAW again are having for me personally and I am loving it.

I haven’t been keeping a complete food dairy as I have been working on getting some  You Tube videos on how to make all this yummy raw food, and trying to complete the RAW KIDS book!  So I have just included some pictures from the last few days.  I will now to a weekly review of the types of Raw Food I eat on a weekly basis as it is a little more manageable – life is about balance my friends! xx

love Sara x

Issy helping me make some Raw Bread.
Issy just loves being in the kitchen with me making food. I don’t even care how much a mess we make anymore, I think its great for her at an early age to feel connected to the food and where it comes from and how it is made.


Yummy Raw Salad ( this is what we have for dinner most nights a big green leafy salad



Yummy Raw Bread – The recipe for this will be in this weeks newsletter!




We went shopping today and I saw this below! I love it! I love food and am so thankful I have my beautiful healthy life.



I thought I would also share our bountiful result from shopping today..