The RAW FOOD KIDS™ workshops are designed around providing Healthy Raw Food to your children.

Including more raw food in your child’s diet means they get all the beneficial enzymes, vitamins and nutrients of raw living food, making digestion easier and keeping the all important blood sugar levels stable, as well keeping the little ones healthy.

On the day we will provide you with simple step by step demonstrations of each recipe, you get to take the handouts home that include all the recipes demonstrated on the day including a bonus raw nutritional food chart.


You will learn…

  • how to make RAW food that kids will love
  • how to incorporate more RAW Food into your families meals
  • make RAW kids snacks that the kids will love
  • what the essential RAW foods you should have in your pantry
  • the nutritional value of RAW foods that are of benefit to your growing children

What’s included in your 2 hour RAW FOOD KIDS Workshop?

  • Sessions delivered at your home (or suitable venue of your choice)
  • RAW FOOD KIDS™ provides all ingredients and equipment
  • Best of all; we take-away all the mess and dishes!
  • Take home RAW FOOD KIDS™ recipes & fact sheets
  • Take home nutritional food chart
  • Learn what equipment you will need in your kitchen and what you can already use
  • Natural colourful and seasonal organic ingredients are provided.


$80.00per person

How to book…

Contact Sarah on 0419 327 664 or email sarah@theorganicmum to book your workshop today!

Or check in on our FaceBook page for future scheduled RAW FOOD KIDS™ workshops