Raw Food 4 Kids – Healthy Raw Food 4 Healthy Kids

RAW FOOD 4 KIDS – Healthy Raw Food for Healthy Kids

With basic raw food techniques and tips, simple first raw food recipes, and tasty, nutritious RawFoodMum_Studio_0073_grandemeal ideas. Sarah Quinney – The Raw Food Mums shows you how you can create all kinds of lip-smacking raw food. It includes yummy interpretations of conventional food, as well as new recipes and delicious raw treats that are healthy for kids and the whole family

  • All Recipes are 100% Raw
  • Includes over 100 recipes and ideas that are 100% Raw, additive free, gluten free and dairy free
  • Extensive introduction on why the nutritional benefits of raw food for kids and parents
  • Juicing for kids
  • Smoothies for kidsraw food kids ebook purchase here
  • Green Smoothies
  • Sprouting and Soaking Guides
  • Age related super food product info and nutrient charts
  • Over 100 recipes and ideas for including raw food into the families diet.
  • Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks, Cheese and Creams, Crackers and Breads, Milk, Snacks
  • There are so many raw options to choose from including…muesli bars and lettuce boats to raw pasta and perfect party treats, this is food that’s yummy and good for any size tummy.
  • Combines the fun of cooking with a healthy food message.
  • Its not just for small kids too all recipes are suitable for big kids:)


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From Anthea…Raw Food 4 Kids sample oages

‘Sarah I just wanted to say a a huge thank you for your amazing book, my god you have been busy. Luke picked it up and said this is amazing!!! I did listen to all the raw food an ideas you had but I had no idea how to tackle or even start in the kitchen. Ive read the whole book in an hour and I’m on a mission now to get a dehydrator and start. I’m so excited. Well done doesn’t even come close. I’m about to log on and get another for my sister in law she will love it’

From Regina…

Morning little cutie pie Issy! & Morning Sarah. Want to let you know just received your Raw food 4 kids book and I am thrilled I ordered it for me. Presentation explanation design and graphics is seriously awesome. Such a huge cheerful pleasure to read. Top marks. Makes me so very eager to use it and try all these straightforward fresh recipes. So glad I bought it. Will buy more to give as gifts.

From Janet…rawfood4kids_2_collage

Hi Sarah, this is Janet and guess what YES I have got your book!!!! I am so excited as I totally love the book!!! SOOOO GOOD!!! I got my 11 months old, and I was puzzled with a lot of questions and vualla … all the questions answered for me… Awesome job Sarah!!!!  I am so excited … and the design and the style is just superb, very happy and bubbly ….. I think it must be your personality Thanks again, you are a STAR!!! xoxo Janet

From Veronica…

Hi Sarah, Thanx so much for the beautiful book I received today. I am always so stuck on what to make for my kids, especially for lunch and I’m very particular what I feed them, your book is going to help me so much and I’ve been wanting to start eating more raw food, other than just fruit and vegies and smoothies and I don’t know where to start, so now I have the perfect book to help me on this food journey. I can’t wait to start ‘cooking’ all your recipes. Thankyou very much. Veronica xx

From Kylie..

Hey Sarah! I want to congratulate you on writing an awesome raw food book which makes rawkids_5acollageraw food so much more accessible to regular families without all the fuss of the hard to find ingredients that so many other recipe books use! Mine arrived today and I can’t wait to start using it. Kylie 

From Hayley…

Hi Sarah I just got your book in the mail and I’m so impressed! I’ve already made the veggie patties and the chia pudding for my little love. Both a massive hit with all three of us in our little vegan family.


Where can you grab your copy?



Sample pages of Raw Food 4 Kids..




Q: I don’t have a dehydrator.

A: I have received a few questions about the recipes in ‘Raw Food 4 Kids’
“Do the recipes require a dehydrator? I have been told that a lot of the recipes work with an oven on the lowest temperature with the door open. I cannot say they will be 100% raw…and I haven’t made any of the recipes myself using an oven. But hey you know what its better than a lot of options out there and its still going to be packed full of nutrient rich, additive free, gluten free, dairy free food for your little ones and the whole family to enjoy:)

Dehydration ensures the food is raw – however I am of the opinion that you make do with what you have until you can make the investment (its a very good investment too) and well most people have an oven. If you would like to purchase a dehydrator you can through the Raw Food Mum Online Store

Q: Will you send the book overseas?

A: Yes. I send Raw Food 4 Kids internationally, simply select your country of origin in the online store

Q: Do you have a wholesale price for Raw Food 4 Kids?

A: If you would like to stock and sell copies of Raw Food 4 Kids please contact me as I have a whole sale price available. Contact via – sarah@therawfoodmum.com

Q: Do you offer review copies and giveaways?

A: Yes, If you would like to do a review on Raw Food 4 Kids, please contact Sarah for more information on the requirements on doing a review.