Q&A with The Raw Food Mum – 18th Feb, 2014

  • Marion Walker I struggle with measuring a cup of kale. Crushed up and crammed in tight or just loose, then it doesn’t seem much. The same with 1/2 a zuchinni, mine are often 40cm long
    HI Marion – I know what you mean. I tend to go with a tight packed cup of kale. And Zucchinis – if its a raw dish I just spiralise as much as I need
    • Sam Ortego How did you start when going raw? How did you get your family eased into it?

    Hi Sam,  I had just gone vegetarian, when I meet Hamish  ( My partner) he has been 100% Raw Vegan for 12 months. So his influence paid off.  I started with a green smoothie each day and then just wanted more and more greens.  I was also travelling long distances to work and I downloaded all of RAWKIN Radio with Revvell Revati * I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LISTENING TO THESE podcasts ( they are free too). They are old now. But she interviews all the top Raw Food Guru’s and I just learned so much.  Along with Hamish’s influence I was 100% – we also lived in the Otways then and it was cold most of the time as well!  I used to make so many dehydrated foods back then. As your raw diet evolves you tend to get less and less attached to foods and now my diet is basically this.
    Breakfast: Green Juice
    Lunch: Green smoothie or superfoodsmoothie or raw bread sandwich
    Dinner: Big salad
    I snack on fruit and little raw treats throughout the day.

  • Stephanie Patricia I should’ve put this with my first question but, what are your thoughts on 80/10/10 or banana girl diet?
    I’m so confused about which raw option is best!HI Stephanie. The best raw option is what works for YOU! Everyone is different so what works for one may not work for another person. I think this where people go wrong they follow a certain persons diet that works for them, and they dont listen to what works for their body.
    I did the 80/10/10 with Hamish we used to buy 6 boxes of bananas a week – it was pretty full on.  Most of your diet comes from fruit.  I felt light headed on it and Hamish did too! I think the 80/10/10 is a great diet for athletes, but unless you are burning those sugars, you can be eating excess calories and or not getting enough greens in your diet. For some it works beautifully though.Freelee Banana girl – I follow her but I hoestly dont know too much about her diet. I think she is eating cooked carbs at night again. She has a pretty lean diet though which is  great and she eats whole foods cooked. I have seen her eat pasta, and again that may work for her. But me personally I couldn’t eat cooked pasta and I haven’t for years. I still eat some cooked food when out every now and then ( I am not a purist) but I tend to stick to whole foods cooked if I do. like a vegie soup.  I had party a few weeks ago actually and I ate all the veggies in the pasta and left the pasta behind.  If there is anyone that Hamish and I follow, its Gabriel Cousens.  He explains a lot about the raw food diet in depth in his books.There are no raw police though, and I think that is where people go wrong they think its all or nothing approach.  I remember I was dogmatic in approach to raw at the start, now I am so much more balanced.  Try and eat as much raw as you can, and if you feel like a bit of whole cooked food ( not junk ) then its going to be much better for you – than the stress associated with feeling like you have failed.

  • Michelle Knott What’s ur go to food after dinner when it’s all quiet & the chocolate monster inside grumbles….. Hehe 

    Oh Michelle good question. It was used to be raw cacao, but then I would be up late buzzing all night!  I actually have a nice herbal tea after dinner that seems to work for me.
  • Amy Kennaugh Vickers do you take calcium supplements? Are there certain foods that should be eaten together to increase calcium absorption?
    Amy – YES I DO. that does not mean that if you are raw you need to!  I breastfeed Isaballe for 22 months and my calcium levels got really low. I’m also a bit slack on the old tahini in my diet. So to make sure I am getting enough calcium in my diet I do take the Green Nutritionals Green Calcium. I wish I had found this product when I was breastfeeding and it will be something I take with the next bubba for sure.
  • Stephanie Patricia What health benefits and other benefits have you noticed since going raw?
    Stephanie where do I begin.
    I was fructose intollerant ( or so the Dr said I was ) before I went raw I had heart burn and was nexium ( antacid tablets) before I went raw!
    I always felt like food sat in the top of my guts
    I was overweight ( not too much but a little )
    I had a puffy face
    I had mood swings (hamish might think differently lol)
    I had a foggy head
    I dont get sick ( maybe a cold, but it will go within 24 hours)
    > all these symptoms have gone!
    Raw has changed my life, it has opened my eyes and my mind up to how the food industry operates and it is plain scary, I feel I am now empowered to make healthy choices for my health and my family and we simply do not get sick!
  • Stephanie Patricia What are your guidelines with a raw food diet/lifestyle?
    What do you eat and not eat? I’ve heard of banana girl diet and 80/10/10, is your raw diet different?Stephanie. good point. I need to write about this. So I am going to babble a bitI have found that after four years of eating 100% or High Raw. This diet works for me best

    Big Green Juice in the morning.
    Lunch raw bread or superfood smoothie
    Dinner – big raw salad
    snacks – fruit all day or a raw treatFood that I will eat cooked are most vegetables. If I am out and there is no raw option. I will eat a vego or vegan meal. It is usually wholefood cooked option.  At home in winter we might have some roasted sweet potato and parsnip with our salad. If I eat a bread it is a rye or spelt option, but we make our own raw bread most of the time.
    I dont eat processed carbs like pasta. I will eat brown rice cooked if were out.
    I find anything white if cooked will make me feel sluggish, and plain old slow. so if I am to eat a cooked grain it will be brown – this is rare.
    The cooked food that I will eat  if we are out is almost always an Asian, like thai or japanese option, as they are mostly stir fried foods. This might be once every three  to four months.  I do miss a green curry and when I was pregnant with Issy that is the one meal I had to have! To be honest that is the only cooked meal I still have an emotional attachment too 🙂
    I dont touch alcohol.
    I only know that as soon as I eat something cooked my body craves some green straight away!  I do not beat myself up if I eat a cooked meal, as I know that for the next  4 weeks I might be Raw.  It is so about balance. I hope that helps.Sarahx