Q & A on Juicing with The Raw Food Mum

These were some questions that were posted on The Raw Food Mums Facebook page during our 14 day Juice Challenge!

Q: So you just have juice for breaky or any other meal or do you eat something as well? What do you eat for breaky? 

A: At the moment we are doing a juice challenge so I have been having a bug juice first thing in the morning. However I have been having green smoothies and juices for breakfast for years now!  They tend to last me till about 2pm 🙂


Q: I noticed you chop up you vegetables prior to juicing. Is there a reason why you do so? I would love to purchase your ‘fancy’ juicer you posted a review about recently (am saving up) but currently just have an older breville juicer, which I am hoping will blow up soon so I can buy your one! I do juices daily, but just put whole veggies/stalks through. Is there such huge benefit to purchasing a premium juicer as you sell in your online shop? ie need less veggies/fruits to gain higher volume of liquid? Less pulp etc. with a family of 5 it has to be cost effective for me and save money on the raw vegetable product to justify cost in the long run. Hope that makes sense and thank you for your posts, I look forward to reading them daily.

A: With cold pressed juicers  you need to chop up the vegetables prior to juicing as the literally being pressed against the auger unlike the centrigual juicers that literally gobble up fruits whole. The difference is in the quality of the juice and the pulp – A cold pressed juicer will produce pulp that is literally dry, whereas the centrifgual juicers like the breville you still have moist pulp ( and its been heated ) In the long run you are going to save money as you need less vegetables to get the same result and they contain all the enzymes as they havent been heated when you use the cold pressed juicer like the Oscar DA 1000! 

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Q: Is there a descent cheaper juicer thats pretty good? i haven’t juiced before but want to start & not spend over $250max on one… and do u add supplements also? powders? what would u recommend to add?

A: If you are just starting out juicing a juicer like the breville is a great one to start with!  Juicing has to be a commitment if you going to spend the $$ on a cold pressed juicer. By starting out on a cheaper one – your going to find out if your committed., once you are then upgrade!  Yeap we add Vitamineral green to our green juices ( its your multi vitamin in a green powder)


Q: I just bought a cold pressed Semak juicer for $400. Although I love I think your juicer can probably handle tougher fruits than mine. With Kale, do you add the stalks? I am just using the leaves at the moment.

A: Yeap stalks and all! A trick with greens when using a cold pressed juicer when you sometimes hear a grinding noise  – is to add a teaspoon of linseed oil through your juicer, it basically lubricates the augur so the greens are not being pressed dry!


Q: With the juicer I seem to waste so much. All the pulp and fiber doesn’t get consumed. I want to be able to blend/liquidify the whole fruit or veg. Any suggestions?

A: Use it in veggie Crackers – we  juice veggies first and give it to our dog, then we juice the fruit. If you want the pulp make Green smoothies!

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Q: Do you pre Make your juice for the entire day and put In mason jars or bottle how much produce would you need to need to do that?

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