Optimum 9200, 9400 & 9900 Blender Review

As many of you know by my pictures on Instagram and on The Raw Food Mum Facebook page we use a blender daily and sometimes 6+ times a day to make smoothies, raw ice cream, nut milk, raw pates, raw soups the list goes on..

On my search for an Australian Owned company that supply quality and affordable blenders I discovered the Optimum Blenders. So I contacted Optimum and asked if I could try one, having never used one before as we had used our trust Vitamix for the last four years.

As much as we love our Vitamix it is a high price point item for those starting20130724-200416.jpg out on a healthy journey with their families and this was my concern as I promote raw food for families.

For some families purchasing a blender over a $500 price point is just not going to happen, which means that entering the world of green smoothies and raw food can be a bit limiting.

I wanted to find a blender that I could use that matched the Vitamix with quality and a blender that families could actually afford. I also wanted to make sure that by putting my name behind something .. that these blenders would cut it especially knowing how we use them!

If you can get just one green smoothie into a families diet a day its going to start changing your families eating habits. And by using a decent blender it changes the ball game completely!  And if you have purchased my Raw Food 4 Kids book you know there are just endless amounts of recipes that use a blender, and by using a high powered blender you not only save time, you ensure the ingredients are kept raw and not heated – this is where the optimum blenders come in.

A quick review of the three Optimum Blenders

The Optimum 9200

Optimum Blender 9200Review_The Raw Food Mum-13

Perfect for making smoothies, juices, nut butters, hot soups, ice creams, salsas, dips etc. The Optimum 9200 also comes a standard 5-Year Warranty, and is a commercial-grade blender, therefore will last you many years without any issues. It has been updated (October 2013) to now have new speed variables which are the 20, 30 and 45 seconds.



It is manufactured using the same Optimum Blender 9400 Review_The Raw Food Mum-17high-quality durable parts. The differences are: In functionality, dial (9400) vs. buttons (9200). The benefits of the dial is more control, and the benefit of the buttons is the automatic timer function which is great for smoothies and juices on the go. Longer 6-blade assembly for improved chopping, slicing and grinding performance. Steel-plated jug base for improved durability, and to avoid leaking over the long term. New FUSE motor-protection switch to increase the longevity of the motor (the blender also has the standard overload switch as well). We are recommending the new Optimum 9400 which launched in July. With a 3HP motor and a speed of 44,000 rpm, performance in a domestic environment will be superior to the 9900, and with the new upgrades below it will even outperform at many tasks:

  • Longer 6-blade assembly for improved chopping, slicing and grinding performance compared to the 9900, which has shorter blades designed for commercial use in busy juice bars for smoothies and juices
  • Steel-plated jug base for improved durability, and to avoid leaking over the long term (also included in the 9900)
  • New FUSE motor-protection switch to increase the longevity of the motor (The blender also has the standard overload switch as well)

The Optimum 9900 is the COMMERCIAL powerhouse for juice bars making hundreds of drinks per day.Optimum Blender 9900_The Raw Food Mum-9900

The 9900 is more powerful and faster than any other blender in the industry, and will perform the same functions mentioned above but at a slightly faster speed. The additional power will not make any difference when used domestically, and is an advantage for our large commercial clients. The slightly higher speed (44,000 vs. 48,000rpm) will not make any significant difference in the blending process.


So here is my little review of the 9900 and 9200 models that we have.

We have two of the blenders now the Optimum 9900 ( L)  and the 9200 ( R) – we are calling them his and hers for the below reasons!


After putting them through their paces over the last 3-4 months I am simply in love with them and for different reasons.

The Optimum 9900


The Optimum 9900 has a motor speed of 2,611 Watts with a variable speed control -

Hamish prefers this model as he likes being able to control the speed.   I would recommend this blender for a family that is going to use a blender 10 + times a day. It has a little more grunt and therefore blends a little quicker  than the 9200.  If you are looking for a blender for domestic use I would recommend the 9400. – it has the same dial functions as the 9900.

In this video I demonstrate us making a raw soup using the 9900. We have jammed in carrots, avocado, tomato, zucchini all chopped very roughly. Watch how quickly it blends everything. yummmm :) It is completely blended in less than a minute.

The OPTIMUM 9200

Please note the 9200 has now been upgraded considerably to the 9200 2nd generation Optimum Blender .It is now considered a commercial-grade blender  A 2,611 watt Motor! coupled with the Precision High, Med, Low & Pulse Functions making smoothies and milkshakes is a simple easy task for this durable commercial blender.

20130724-112545.jpg This is may favorite model. For some reason I love the push timer buttons. When Issy is running around me and I’m juggling a million things in the kitchen, being able to push a button and know that my smoothie is finished is a MUST FOR ME!   Every mum knows that feeling :)

We also took this model away with us on our recent trip to QLD and NZ it is a little lighter than the 9900 :)

Watch the below video where I demonstrate using this model to make a green smoothie.

Every single bit of kale was blended. Once you get a good blender it takes Green Smoothies to a whole new level of enjoyment!

I used the 30 second auto feature, but the green smoothie was completely blended before the time finished.

I am still in love with the fact that you can press a button walk away and its done – Mums might like this model and I know I can push a button and tend to Issy if she needs me, knowing that it is going to turn off itself!


Here are few more reasons why I love these blenders ….

The optimum blenders are nearly half the price point of the Vitamix with just as much power and quality – which makes it a great entry point for anyone wanting to start making raw food or smoothies that are completely blended.

Quality Quality Quality
The Optimum 9400 is identical to the Optimum 9200, manufactured using the same high-quality durable parts.

The Optimum is equipped with a self-compensating energy-efficient motor which can reach a power of 2,238 Watt and a staggering speed of 44,000 rpm. It will blend your smoothie in less then 30 seconds sometimes less. You wont see little specs of kale like you do in some cheaper blenders.

Do blenders heat the cells when blending?
The Optimum’s commercial blending functions of 20, 35 and 45 seconds allow it to make drinks including smoothies and juices without warming the contents.

The Optimum breaks the cell walls of raw foods to make the enzymes more bioavailable, they are not heated. Without the need to break down large molecules of food, the intestines have less work to do.


And here is a comparison of how the Optimum compares the Vitamix

MOTOR: 1,492 Watts 2,238 Watts
Speed: 37,000 rpm 44,000 rpm
Noise: 110dB 80dB
Grade: Domestic Domestic & Commercial
Blades: 4 Blade Assembly 6 Blade Assembly
Blade quality: Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Jug applications: Separate Wet/Dry
(BPA Free)
One Jug Wet/Dry
(BPA Free Optional)
Warranty: 7 years

10 years (Optional)

 If you have any questions post away below  – Happy Blending x