My top 5 Favourite RAW transition foods!

I thought I would list a few of our favorite raw meals that I believe are the easiest to make and can help transition anyone to including more raw food into their diet!

My TOP 5 Raw meals that are great when transitioning to a raw diet are…

The Raw Food Mum www.therawfoodmum.com1. GREEN SMOOTHIES – These are the easiest meal to make and pack full of goodness! Especially for the kids, getting greens into your children’s diet can be a challenge, but by making yummy green smoothies – that can hide all the greens, and add in heaps of yummy super foods. I know a lot of people say ‘I wont like it’ But every single person who I have made a green smoothie for is surprised at how yummy they can be!



IMG_66882. ALMOND MILK – I try not to push the whole vegan/ vegetarian aspect here on The Raw Food Mum as its everyone’s personal choice, but Almond milk is so easy to make and its soo yummmy. So not only does it taste great from a conscious stand point I LOVE MAKING ALMOND MILK and I LOVE THE TASTE!



The Raw Food Mums Raw Bread.jpg3. RAW BREAD.  This is another great habit to get into. We use all the left over almond pulp when making raw bread. And you don’t need a dehydrator ( although its better as it ensures it is raw) but and oven can do the job as well. Just leave the oven door slightly ajar and on the lowest temp!



4. ICE CREAM.  Conventional ice cream can be filled with so many colours and artificial Zoku_rawIcream_therawfoodmumcolours. I remember when Hamish made me raw ice cream for the first time – he was so excited like a little kid, we were having raw ice cream for most meals for about a week! Raw ice cream is sooo simple to make and kids don’t even know it’s not from a container!  We even stock the re-usable ice cream containers over on The Raw Food Store! So you can make a big batch put in the freezer for when you need them! Its super easy and full of goodness!

RAW ICE CREAM e-book here

5. RAW PASTA. Raw pasta is again one of those meals that I recommend transitioning too!  Raw food for Children Raw PAstaYou will need a spiraliser, but the benefits of all those live enzymes and lack of white stacrchy carbs will always outweigh the initial investment.  Kids love it too, especially if you get them involved in making it.

RAW PASTA RECIPE HERE – even the kids will love this one:)


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