My Pregnancy and Birth Journey with Grace

A lot of people have asked how I looked after my body and prepared my self for the birth of our gorgeous baby girl Grace – So I thought I would fill you all in on the journey, and also list the resources and services that I used throughout my pregnancy.

I have listed at the bottom of this post – the resources and services that I used throughout my pregnancy and birth for anyone that might be interested.IMG_3715

Firstly I am so in love again with our baby girl – it just hits you the moment you see them for the very first time and hold them in your arms – that immense jolt of pure love.  Bringing life into this world is an absolute blessing and being able to be a mum second time around really is just as beautiful as it was when I first laid eyes on Isabelle.

IMG_3734The journey to having Grace actually started just over 2 years ago, when Hamish and I thought we might try to have another baby – unfortunately for us I had three miscarriages after Issy, and everyone was just as hard to deal with as the first.  Hamish had mentioned that he only wanted to try one more time, and I was also starting to think that maybe it was natures way of saying your only to have Isabelle, trying to get my head around that was a challenge as I really wanted a sibling for Issy as well.


Miscarriages, getting my body ready and conceiving…

I knew that even with my Raw Diet something was missing in supporting my body to have another child. So I turned to Chinese Medicine. I have always heard the stories of women being told they were not able to have children, only to use Chinese medicine and have beautiful healthy babies.  I booked myself into our local Surf coast Chinese Medicine clinic, where I meet the beautiful Frances ( which is also Graces second name).  Where I took Chinese herbs before we decided to try again for a few cycles and also had acupuncture almost weekly for the first 3 months of my pregnancy then fortnightly.

I believe that I also had adrenal fatigue for the first couple of years after Issy was born, not only was I first time mum, I had published my book Raw Food 4 kids and I had also set up our now online Raw Food Store – in doing that it took a lot out of me and through out that process I was eating a lot raw cacao to keep me up at night until all hours, it completely destroyed my body, as well also having thyroid problems from juicing way too much Kale.  After reading Dr Libbys – The Rushing women’s syndrome book, I realised I was going way too fast and I needed to slow down in order for my body to be able to conceive another child.  Firstly juicing Kale stopped and my thyriod went back to normal and  I also gave up cacao.  Couple with Chinese medicine we were thrilled to make it past the 12 week mark.  To be hones it was at my 21 week scan that I actually allowed myself to feel for the first time and accept that we were in fact having another child.

Food, Energy and Health…

My energy levels this pregnancy were amazing – even better than my pregnancy with Isabelle and that wasn’t that bad.

The thought of raw food ( a 100% Raw Food Diet ) didn’t sit well with what my body craved and or needed. Be it emotional or physical I had already learned from my experience Isabelle’s pregnancy not to listen to the raw police and go with the flow. And like my pregnancy with Isabelle I completely turned off Raw Food, my body craved warm food, and I went with it, this time and with a lot less stress involved as well. I made a lot of soups, learned how to make soughdough bread, and even went back to eating cheese and eggs again, I craved oats. In fact I actually kind of learned how to cook for the first time in a long time.  I even purchased a Thermomix, so life could be a little bit easier!

The one thing my body did crave however throughout my pregnancy was fruit – OMG get it into me. I couldn’t do smoothies – but I could eat 10 nectarines in one sitting, a 500 gram punnet of blue berries in 2 seconds. Apples – oh give me apples!  I also ( unlike my pregnancy with Issy)  craved a salad with every meal. I would have a little bit of cooked vegan or vegetarian food alongside a big salad.  This pregnancy was about balancing the inclusion of whole raw foods with whole cooked foods as my body needed it. And as a result my energy levels were amazing throughout my pregnancy – it was only the last month that I really started to get tired.

Getting ready for Birth.

I was induced with Isabelle, as I was 10 days over – looking back I wish I had have waited a few more days, however it didn’t happen that way, and although my labour was vaginal and was 6 hours, the intensity and pain was excruciating.  I was determined not to be induced this time round. So i did a little more research this pregnancy which resulted in Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and chiropractic care.

I had three sessions of acupuncture two weeks prior to going into labour, as well as a few chiropractic adjustments.

I also drank Raspberry leaf tea from 36 weeks – up to 2 – cups a day. In the last week I was eating a pineapple a day, I was determined not going over my due date and I was not going to be induced. I also used Nicole’s from Pureforce remedies Birthing Kit and took the homeopathic remedies for the week leading up to my due date.

My Birthing experience with Grace.

It couldn’t get more simpler and to be honest I’m still in shock that it happened so quickly. IMG_4263My Labour was 2.5 hours from start to finish. I wish I could go back and go through it again. There is something about birthing a child that I find so exhilarating and primal.  To be honest I put the ease of my labour down to my preparation. I had also been telling myself that this bubba was going to slide out he he he! And well she kind of did!  And into the world came Grace Frances Quinney 4.5kgs and we couldn’t be happier with this little spirit each day!


  • Torquay Chinese Medicine–  The beautiful Frances from Torquay Chinese Medicine. We also named Grace’s second name after our beautiful Chinese Dr – she is a miracle worker with those needles 🙂 )
  • Pureforce remedies –  Nicole shares the benefits of Homeopathic Medicine in labour and how to use her Homeopathic Birthing Kit to assist a successful and medication free delivery for your baby.   To purchase her kit click here –
  • The Down to Earth Birth Book – The Down to Earth Birth Book is a practical guide to natural birth in any setting, promoting self-nurturing, responsibility and awareness to help create a conscious birth and parenting experience. This is a ‘grass roots’ book that celebrates the innate intelligence of mind, body and spirit in relation to birth. We stock it over on the store.
  • Teas:

And that my friends is how little Grace came into this world.

Love Sarah x