Is it necessary to be 100% Raw?


With more and more people talking about the benefits of a raw diet, the pressure is also there to be 100% Raw. But for most of us going all RAW is simply unachievable!

I feel it is not about trying to be 100% RAW, it is about including more Raw live food in your diet and your families diet. That might be one meal a day or two meals a day.

Would I recommend going RAW?

YES of course.  If you want to be 100% I say go for it too.  Either way and whatever % of Raw you eat, your body and mind and spirit will thank you for it.

If you would like to go 100% raw you need to know what you are doing as many people fail very quickly,  you can always enroll in in coaching with Sarah to get some great starter points.

So what is being Raw?

  • 100% Raw:   People who go 100% raw overnight, tend to experience great benefits soon after they go raw, almost an enlightenment feeling. Hamish went 100% Raw overnight – he threw out any and all cooked food in house. I however on the other hand transitioned to raw. It took me about 2 months to go 100% raw. I had a green smoothie everyday then I craved more raw, then I ate raw for lunch then slowly raw for dinner and before I knew it i was 100% raw for 18 months.
  • What is High Raw: The definition of high raw is between 80%-99%  of raw foods. What this means is that people who are high raw intend to eat raw all of the time, but that there are certain circumstances they are a little more flexible when not eating raw food.  For example often when we are out a restaurant with family we will eat a vegetarian or vegan meal – its about being flexible but knowing that when you get home you will get straight back to eating Raw food. This is where we sit. Even though we might be 100% at some stages in our life, I can never truly say I am 100% Raw.
  • One or Two Raw Meals a day: This is the most common method for increasing your raw intake.One of the simplest ways to add more raw foods into your diet, is to make two out of your three meals a day Raw. The idea is that you eat two raw meals and your snacks are all raw. Then you choose which meal is not Raw.
  • You will notice that the more raw food you eat the more raw food you will want to eat.

Do I feel different now than I did being 100% Raw?

I felt on top of the world being 100% Raw, my clarity of mind was amazing – not foggy head. All my health aliments have disappeared (I had been diagnosed with fructose intolerance before I went Raw – I eat fruit all day long now – that is a whole other story! ) and they have not returned.

There may be many times throughout my life where I am 100% Raw and then times when I eat a High Raw diet. What I don’t eat are highly processed refined packaged foods and  meat etc.. Choice is an amazing gift we have been given and if we are conscious in our choices our bodies and minds will be thankful.

Eating Cooked Food

We live in a society where we people eat cooked food and this is not going to change, I feel some cooked food can be good for you – as long as it is the right cooked food.

I personally believe that whole foods if cooked can be ok, like steamed veggies and if you have your own chickens or know of someone who does that feeds their chickens organic scraps etc.. that eggs are not a bad thing to eat. This is basically a raw/whole food/vegetarian diet that we raise Isabelle on, and when we are not eating all raw this is what eat.

If I do eat cooked however I tend to follow up very quickly with a raw salad or green juice or green smoothie.

Should growing children be 100% Raw?

I initially wanted to raise Issy 100% raw, but my instinct said not too.  So I did the research and as a result and as you see on this website she is feed a high raw diet, and she eats cooked whole grains, and steamed veggies along with buckwheat noddles, she also eats eggs and goats cheese. However she is feed a large proportion of her diet with RAW LIVE NUTRIENT DENSE foods, and this is where my passion for sharing the benefits of these foods along side a whole food diet comes from.

This is an invaluable article by Shazzie on raising Raw Children click here to read it.

What I do believe in is cutting out all the processed crap from your child’s diet, feed only organic whole foods when cooked and include a lot of raw food in your child’s diet is going to set your child’s health in the right direction. It is about being very aware of the nutrient demands of a growing child.

The one reason I did not want to raise Issy as a Raw Vegan child is that to do so I would need to heavily supplement, and I did not want to do that.

I try and stay away from Cows  Milk, and she does not eat any form of meat. She is currently still being breastfeed and I will continue until she self weans.

She does ( as you can see from my Instagram account) we and Issy eats a lot of Raw foods.  Breakfast is raw, she has green smoothies or a juice each day, lunches and a majority of her snacks are Raw. Isabelle’s dinner is often the time that she has cooked meals. Toddlers especially wont sit down to massive salad.

Is the cost or eating Raw different than that of  a SAD diet?

As we still eat a very high Raw food diet. I don’t feel the cost of eating Raw  (we also eat organic food) is any different than a conventional diet. What I do know is that when you stick to a budget this will help.

You will also notice that you will not spend money on meat and packaged foods, milk and bread so when you free up those costs to spend on Raw organic foods you might be surprised how similar the weekly budget is.

The Raw Police…

When I feel pregnant with Isabelle I had a mini melt down ( as I identified myself as a RAW Foodie) , what I did learn very quickly is that there are no raw food police and they will not come knocking on your door – for me it was in my head.

A healthy Balance is the key

I still to this day identify myself as a raw foodie.  I know that as long as our family eats raw at home, and we are a little more flexible when we are out –  that this is a healthy balance for us, so it it necessary to be 100% Raw?   for now it is not a necessity to be 100% Raw but that doesn’t mean I wont go to 100% again at many stages throughout my life – I most likely will.

I would love to hear your Raw Experiences feel free to comment below.

Love Sarah