How do you get the men in your life to eat raw food?

A lot of people ask me how do they encourage or get the men in their life to eat raw food?

I would love to answer this question with a positive statement.. but…. I have to be honest you can’t force the people in your life to eat raw food!   Believe me I have been there! When I first went 100% raw I believed the whole world should be raw. But after years of trying with certain family members, I discovered that most encouraging way to get the people in your life eating raw food is to lead by example!

Firstly.. If you are passionate about making healthy changes for yourself then make them, don’t let anyone hold you back!

Here are a few ideas which I thought might help, and which I have done to encourage the people in my life to at least try raw food… This is picture of my 18 year old brother who now asks me for a green smoothie when I stay over!

  • Offer them a glass of your green smoothie – it is amazing the look on peoples faces The Raw Food Mum www.therawfoodmum.comwhen the realize it tastes a lot nicer than it looks!
  • Start with some raw deserts – It’s very rare to meet someone who doesn’t like a raw desert.
  • Make a raw version of a favorite meal.
  • Make a huge raw salad that can be added to a non raw meal. You can use the leftovers for lunch the next day. This can be done with each meal. If they choose not to eat the raw portion, you have lunch for the next day!


Often it is breaking the emotional attachment to food that is the issue, not the actual food.

You may have started breaking some of those emotional attachments, but men like women also have strong emotional attachments to food.  The pressure on men to look a certain way is just as strong for men as women. And like women who gravitate towards other women for inspiration with raw food. Men also do the same.

Here are some very inspiring men who live and breathe raw food…

Dan McDonald
dan macdonldWebsite: Regeneration Nation 

You Tube




joe cross

Jo Cross * This is such a fabulous movie to sit down and watch.
Fat Sick and nearly Dead.. its a great movie!




Gabriel Cousens
gabriel cousensWebsite:
Hamish and I are massive fans of Gabirel Cousens – his knowledge from a medical perspective is unbelievable and his books which you can purchase would be our most highly recommend book on raw food you can purchase (2nd to mine he he he)



Going raw or wanting to eat more raw food  is such a personal journey, and often we have P1010185to be true to ourselves when someone else in the family judges our food choices, there are so many complexities to a raw diet most of them are social and emotional.
I have to be honest, I was the lucky one as when I meet Hamish ( picture here on the right – he is 100% raw in this picture and looks a picture of health) and he was the one that got me interested in raw food.


But I do have family members who only now after four years are starting to understand the health benefits of raw food, and it has been the changes in my health that has been the most persuasive to them, and that at nearly every family function we take a long raw food!

The struggles are also just as hard for single people too.. as often, a raw food diet can be socially isolating. A great way to create community is to connect through meetup groups ! I started the Surfcoast raw food meetup as there wasn’t one in my area, we now have 8 -10 people attending once a month. There are bigger meet up groups and they can often be found in the bigger cities. Head on over to Meetup to find your local raw food meetup group, and if there isn’t one, why not start one!

The benefits of meeting other people on a raw food diet is so important, learning and sharing ideas is such a great way to keep you inspired on a raw diet!

Hope that gives you some ideas!

Sarah x