New Adventures for Sarah

After much consideration and after a year break from blogging at The Raw Food Mum. I have decided that I am going be having an extended break from The Raw Food Mum, while I concentrate on my passion and thats E-Commerce and Business Coaching. I would love for you to head on over to my new website  

My passion is to help Entrepreneurs + E-Commerce businesses owners that are passionate about their business increase their sales and profit.


Whilst The Raw Food Mum website will stay active and so will my facebook page – I wont be actively blogging or posting regularly, or holding any more challenges.

Raw Food Mum has given me so much, an amazing connection to women and parents around the world that I didn’t dare dream was possible. It has enabled me to share my love of health and wellness with the most amazing community.

Raw Food and the lifestyle has been a passion of mine for over 7 years now and I have been blogging it and creating businesses out of it for the last 5. Over the last year while having a slight break from the raw foo mum, (I know I have snuck in a few challenges and recipes), but there are moments when I want to get straight back into blogging creating recipes, but then after 24 hours it disappears again. These fleeting moments of what was had ignite and then go out as quickly!

And I believe I have always shared our lives with integrity and rawness – but if that passion isn’t there anymore, I’m not in it for the right reasons anymore.

I also know that as the nature of social media changes I don’t want share so much of our girls anymore, I don’t want to post their gorgeous little faces over social media in the public eye – and thats how Raw Food Mum started I used to always share how I raised Issy and Grace. Now I feel like the landscape has changed and I want to retract them and myself in some ways from the public scope of how we live our lives, as the girls grow older I realise its now up to them to share with you all how they might be passionate about their food choices etc.. And listening to my heart the last year since I sold the store, it is has been saying and has for sometime been telling me its time to make space to really close this door and let a new door swing right on open.

So I really want to extend a massive thank you to you all for such amazing support over the last 5 years, and hope by sharing what we do it has inspired you to make healthy changes with your families, I know it has because we have had such fun raw challenges, I’ve had amazing feedback and my book has been sold over 7000 copies ( small i know but big in my world), most importantly I have made some of the most amazing friends from starting this blog up.. so thank you, thank you thank you for being part of this amazing community.

Where to now?


The E-Commerce Business Coach  -

Thanks again for you all your support with much love to you all.
Sarah x