Food Matters

Today Hamish and I went into a conventional fruit shop… and  all I could think of as I looked at the fruit and vegetables was herbicides and pesticides, I just mentioned this Hamish and he said he thought the same.

A few months back I asked a farmer at a farmers markets about her apples, were they organic. Her response was “NO they are not, I cannot make money off growing organic apples”. So I asked did they use herbicides, her response was “YES of course, but its OK as they are sprayed and then placed in a holding area for about 6 weeks before they are sold to consumers”.  WTF how can this be normal?

These are the same apples you eat if you purchase them from a supermarket, and they are held in a holding area because of the chemicals…… I don’t have any answers to this.

And for some reason every time  I walk into a conventional fruit store I remember this conversation.. and this is why I choose ORGANIC.

If you have not seen this list The DIRTY DOZEN list  make sure you have a look! And if your interested in all this.. watch this great movie FOOD Matters it might get you thinking about where our food comes from these days! its honestly scary and education is one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves!