Elimination Communication Update! Issy @ 18 months

HI Everyone, I thought I would give a little update on our Elimination Communication Journey with Isabelle. For those who don’t know what EC is I have a page dedicated to it here so you can find out more.

For those who have not heard of  Elimination Communication it is the gentle, natural, non-coercive process by which a baby, preferably beginning in early infancy, learns with the loving assistance of parents and caregivers to communicate about and address his or her elimination needs. This practice makes conventional potty training either unnecessary, or as we do it part time a very early learning process in the hope that Issy will be potty trained by 2 years of age.

The key to EC is using sounds called cues from an early age ( we started late) is the “sss psss” sound that lets your baby know when to go pee. The position is also a cue, as is running water. And the Erghhh erghh is the sounds we use for Poo. In this video ( its not that great) but Issy often takes her Teddy to the potty and she is making the same sounds we make with her when we do Poo its still pretty cute


So I started Diaper Free with Issy at around 9 months and at 18 months Issy is now communicating very clearly when she needs to do poo and wee. In fact we are doing most poo in the potty and about 50% of wee. The Wee is probably the hardest one to catch, but those poos we have them under control. I find when Issy is deep in play is when we miss the wees. And you know what its not a big deal I just wipe it up and change her knickers!

She is also in little knickers at home now full time – except at night we still use a diaper.  For those babies that have done EC full time from birth often they are diaper free by this age at night and dry ( with our next bubba we are doing EC from birth)!

As you can see in this picture we also use hug-a-lug leg warmers (you can purchase them at Th Raw Food Mums Store ) when it is a bit colder as it makes it easier to pull her pants off when she needs to go instead of pants.20130309-090953.jpg

If we are running around locally, I have also just started taking her out with her bright bot undies on these have a little absorbancy to catch wees, but as we now catch all the poo’s it really is only a small wee we might miss here and there.

If we go out to say playgroup or a little further away from home I am still using a diaper, but this hasn’t really changed Issy’s want to communicate that she needs to Poo.

The one thing I would highly recommend is if you are late at starting EC don’t always just offer the potty also hold your baby out using the cradle hold. It means that when you are out and there only big toilets you can still hold your baby out over the toilet. Issy doesn’t like being held out over a toilet, she is OK when I use the cradle hold if we  are outside. So often I will sit on the toilet seat and sit her in front of me making a little mini toilet seat which I can support her.

What is the Cradle Hold: The most basic position for you to hold your baby in is the “cradle hold.” In this position you hold your baby with his back to your chest. Place one hand under each thigh and hold him securely with his legs spread slightly.

Baby Signs

We are also working on baby signs for Poo and Wee and potty at the moment and this a lot of fun!

If your interested in learning baby signs here are the Australian Auslan Signs for wee, poo and toilet.

Some tricks to keep little ones on the potty!

  • We have a few potty’s around the house which makes getting to the potty in time a bit easier
  • Make Potty time fun!  I use stickers with Issy so when she does a poo or a wee in the potty she can stick one on the potty!
  • DO NOT STRESS your child out if they miss the potty! I couldn’t care less if Issy doesn’t go in her potty, the more you stress a child out over going to the potty it is simply not going to work.
  • Don’t think it is going to happen over night. I have been doing EC/Diaper free with Issy since she was 9 months so that has been nearly a year of communication to be where we are and to have her knickers. So when I hear people say they have introduce a potty to their child at 18 months and their child wont sit on it straight away – its simply not going to happen over night. What I am saying is that its best not to have any expectation on your child to perform, rather a gentle nurturing method of introducing a potty slowly is best. And by all means I say introduce it early and at a time that is right for you and your child.

Most of all make it fun! There are times when Issy just plain old refuses to go to the potty for whatever reason we just go with the flow literally he he he!

If you have any questions be sure to ask away!

So here are a few pictures of Issy fun potty time!


Using stickers on the potty as a reward, I give Issy a sticker to stick on her potty when she has done a poo, often though she gets a sticker even if she hasn’t gone:)



Often teddy also goes potty at the same time as Issy


Issy will also often make the sounds, when she puts her Teddy on the potty


Reading books to teddy


Doing puzzles


And Super dog is eating his dinner while Issy is on the potty!