Elimination Communication or Diaper Free


So what is Diaper Free and Elimination Communication?

Elimination Communication (EC) is NOT potty training. It is a gentle, natural, non-coercive process by which a baby, preferably beginning in early infancy, learns with the loving assistance of parents and caregivers to communicate about and address his or her elimination needs. This practice makes conventional potty training unnecessary.

EC’ing families experience first-hand what families in traditional cultures around the world have known for centuries:

A few days ago I announced at how excited I was that we caught Isabelle’s poo in a potty! What is this all talk about poo! And why are we catching poo in a potty with a 9 month old.

I  initially thought you only had to worry about potty training at 2 years! He he he he.. Not so I  have just discovered the would of Nappy Free Baby also known as Elimination Communication and I got so excited I only wish I knew about this before Isabelle was born.

When can you Start EC?

You can start EC from birth, and to be honest I wish I had with Isabelle, but its never to late and were going to throw ourselves into it. I know Isabelles Cues when she is ready to do a poo I really have to learn her signals for when she is going to Pee. So with a little help with some EC Clothing below were getting ready to go diaper free!

Does this mean you don’t use diapers at all?
A Diaper Free Baby celebrates the ability of babies to be “free” from (not dependent on) diapers and does not require or expect all families to avoid the use of diapers altogether rather using clothing and/or diapering system that best allows them to pursue communication about the child’s elimination needs.


So how did I get Issy on the Potty? I have been noticing for some time now when Issy is ready to do a poo she makes a little noise like a grunt, and strains to against her cloth nappy. So I have actually been lying her down and removing her nappy in time for her to do her poo, no straining on her behalf and she is not sitting in a soiled nappy.  Then I read about EC and thought this is fantastic! Off I went and purchase a potty and a few days go with Nappy Free time I got her on the Potty in time. But what I struggle with is getting her Tracksuit pants off so I can remove her Nappy in time. Then I discovered…..EC Clothing!


What is EC Clothing..

We live in the Otways and its freezing out here at the moment, so often I have Isabelle in her tracksuit pants over her nappy so she can crawl around and not get cold. But last night doing my research I discovered a whole world out there of clothing designed for Nappy Free Baby. 


There are a few options you can go for

Slit pants and Leggings I decided to go with Leggings for now! And have purchased a set of four to get Issy and I started!



A great Australian Company which makes Leggings is Huggalugs

·      www.huggalugs.com.au

And other sites for a range of EC clothing

·      http://www.ecwear.com

·      http://www.theecstore.com

I just cant wait to get Isabelle into these so we can make the most of time in the home for Elimiation Communication! I am going to continue using our nappies for the time being in conjunction with the leggings  as I can remove these easily for the potty. But in time as I feel more confident I hope we can move to training pants, and no doubt ill get a pair of split pants soon!


So how does it all work?

Timing, Cues, Signs and Signals

The timing catches are easy to get, are regular times, such as when he wakes up and after feeds or at nappy changes.

The cue is the “sss psss” sound that lets him know when to go. The position is also a cue, as is running water. Exhaling onto his head was a cue that developed later.

The signs are the largely involuntary expressions, movements and sounds he’d regularly make when he needed to go. The uncomfortably full bladder would initially prompt these signs. Later they would become signals.

The signals come later when the baby can indicate with a voluntary action that he needs to go, such as moving towards the toilet place, using sign language, and later, speech. Even at three months he occasionally signalled a need to go by looking at the bowl. From six months several times a day he’d crawl over to the pee-bowl to signal his needs. From 12 months he regularly used vocal signals.

Intuition is when you get the feeling baby needs to go, and they do! Slow for me to respond to well, comes with experience as a combination of timing and subconscious awareness of subtle behaviours I think! I call it the “Baby Radar” or say “My Potty Sense is Tingling” when I feel he needs to go.

Source: http://www.tribalbaby.org/ECtimingcues.html


I’d like to list a heap of websites but to be honest the best site I have found which answers so many questions is

·      Tribal Baby – Our EC Journey from full time nappies to nappy free.


And a great book to get you started which I have nearly finished reading is


·Diaper Free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene
by Ingrid Bauer

So that’s a little Introduction to Diaper Free Baby!  I’ll post some images and let you know how I get along with the Leggings, and Diaper Free with Issy, I can’t wait for them to arrive!

I hope you enjoy reading up about Diaper Free Baby! and if you are using EC in your family! Be sure to drop me a line I would love to hear about it !

Peace and love

Sarah & Issy!