Day 8..Banana’s & Chocolate Sauce

Day 8  – Monday 11th Feb 2013

WOW I cant even remember what happened yesterday! Lucky I have a photo journal happening of all my food intake!


Hamish came home at lunch time yesterday and made me Banana’s and Chocolate Sauce!

Now this dish is a little special as this is the very first Raw Food dish and he made it for me on our very first date! We meet at Lorne and he took me to Teddy’s Lookout for a picnic and wooeed me with his Bananas and Chocolate sauce! At first I couldn’t believe I was eating that many Banana’s ( I had just heard about Raw about 10 mins ago) but it was so yummy I couldn’t stop! That was the day I was first introduced to Raw Food. And here I am three years later with a beautiful baby girl and I am blogging about it and living it to the max.

Hamish also gave me a little present on our first date! A massive box of Organic Fruit and Vegetables! I thought it was so cute, and often ask him if that’s what he gave all the girls on their first date! he he he! Apparently I was the only one 🙂 Maybe he knew I was the girl for him 🙂 he he he

So yesterday we visited that lovely day again with a lunch of  Bananas and Raw Chocolate Sauce for lunch! yummmm you can find the recipe here.

This is a picture of Hamish and I before we had Isabelle! Gee we look a lot younger! I also have brown hair now as I am back to my natural color.. no more bleach for this mum – but I secretly do miss being blonde!

Hamish & Sarah















Raw Food Journal Day 8


Raw Kids Chia Seed Breakfast

Issy’s Breakfast

  • Chia Seed Pudding. Mum and Issy Version (Hamish often makes a sprouted Pearl Barley and Fig Porridge for breakfast but I’m not a fan of it, I will share it soon as it is a Raw Breakfast).



  • Banana & Chocolate Sauce Recipe here


Afternoon Snack

  • Veggie Juice20130212-145426.jpg


  • One Massive Raw Salad, with Avocado and Hemp Seeds.




  • Fruit, Nectarines x 2 & Peaches x2


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