Day 24 All Raw & My Taste Buds are Alive!

Day 24 – Wednesday 27th February

Oh My I made the most amazing dinner tonight, raw sushi with a satay sauce! My taste buds are simply alive and are dancing in my mouth!

When I first went All Raw I remember it was like a switch being changed and that was it I was off on my Raw Food Diet. And I remember thinking I will be having a Raw Pregnancy which didn’t happen, and here I am finding that switch being turned on again! Although I have been eating a high raw diet since Issy was born, it wasn’t 100% Raw. And I can tell you know that although any amount of raw food in your diet is fantastic. Going 100% Raw takes it to a new level! My mind is so clear! I am actually getting out of bed and making Hamish a hot lemon & water instead of it always being him to make it ( yes I know I am a lucky lady. I love you darling xx)

Food is just tasting alive! I have been loving Nori Sheets again and Tahini both flavors which I haven’t been that fond off the last 18 months, I find myself gravitating towards.

Anyway tonight we made some Raw Sushi and I am going to share the recipe with you  in this weeks newsletter as well as the Raw Spaghetti recipe thats kids will just love. So don’t forget to sign up here

Today’s All Raw food intake


  • Hot Lemon & Water
  • Green Juice 2 x massive glasses


  • Raw Warrior Chocolate Protein smoothie with coconut water and banana! These are very filling and I find that the days that I am at home I tend to eat a little less!


  • Glass of Kombucha ( I must write a post about that soon!)
  • Raw Sushi with a satay sauce .. OH MY GOSH YUMMMM20130227-203730.jpg


  • And for those following me on Facebook I got the Zuko working last night and I might treat myself to a Raw Ice cream with chocolate topping. I am calling it my RAW version of a Magnum Ice Cream – this was me last night getting stuck into it! I felt like a little kid 🙂