Day 16 & 17… A bit tired and Cranksy!


After such a hot day on Sunday it was a tired and cranky day for this Mumma bear and Issy bear! We had Steiner playgroup in the morning and nearly every child was tired and cranky! I think the heat knocked everyone around.

Anyway quick update on the Raw. Apart from feeling tired. The food intake probably not as good as it should have been. I strongly believe that Green Juices make such a difference to your day and well I haven’t been that strong on them this week. Off to the shops tomorrow to do a big shop on Greens.

Emotional Update!

I have passed the half way mark of 30 days raw.

How am I feeling? I’m actually feeling pretty good. I don’t have any stomach issues (I was having pains in my tummy a while back) and I honestly feel my energy levels have increased.

I think I have lost a few kgs. I don’t weigh myself but I feel lighter already.

My clarity of mind has returned which I am LOVING.

Yesterday I drove past our local cafe and well I could have had a vegetarian lunch easily. I could not for the life of me be bothered making any raw food. Knowing that I also hadn’t had the chance to make any breads and crackers was on my mind. So note to self don’t let the supplies of raw cracker and breads run so low before you make another batch!

So last night I got right into some food prep. Knocked out some onion bread and sunflower seed crackers.20130220-203847.jpg Raw Brownies ( Recipe In this weeks Newsletter)

This morning Issy walked up to the dehydrator and pushed her little stool over stop up and and kept saying more more.. I tried to capture it on camera but this only what I got 🙂 she wanted the crackers and she couldn’t get enough of them!

My heart melts and I feel so blessed that my lilttle girl loves Raw Food. And although she is not 100% Raw she loves the flavors, I hope this is because she has been feed organic fruit and vegetables her whole life she knows the tastes are beautiful and fresh!

Day 16. Tuesday 19th February, 2013. ALL RAW…


  • Hot Lemon and Water
  • Raw Buckwheat Cereal with Almond Milk
  • Green Juice – although it looks red lots of beetroot


  • Left over Raw Sushi
  • And I got stuck into eating Issys biscuits! Am I bad? he he he



  • Big Salad. Dressing Apple Cider Vinegar and salt! So simple but yummy.

Day 17. Wednesday 20th February, 2013.


  • Raw Steel Cut oats porridge – recipe to come this is a great one for the kiddies! Issy loved it!


  • Onion Bread salad sandwich


Afternoon Tea

  • Raw Protein smoothie


  • Yummy Raw Salad – made with love and help from my lil raw chef! The one thing I love so much about Raw Food are the colours they are simply amazing. Look at this beautiful sald!




  • I am about to get stuck into these yummy Chocolate brownies with a herbal tea. Recipe in this weeks newsletter! So you better sign up xxAnd I forgot to share desert from Monday Night here it is! Raw Ice Cream with chocolate topping! I will share the recipe of this as every kid should be eating this instead of all that packaged crap!