Day 15… Raw Sushi!

What a day yesterday! it got to 38 degrees. We don’t have air-conditioning so it was down to the beach for Issy and I, but even that was hot! She was one tired and grizyly little girl! luckily we had coconut water on hand as well as breastfeeding to keep her hydrated.

I had such a busy weekend that I didn’t have much time to prepare raw crackers and breads that yesterday being so hot, I have to admit I was struggling with not having crackers on hand! But then I remembered we had sushi sheets in the frezzer! whalla I whipped up a little raw sushi for myself!

Day 15.  Monday 18th February.  All Raw Food Journal.


  • Started the day with a Hot Lemon and Water
  • Raw Buckwheat Porridge. I am going to put this recipe up on the website soon. As its a great one for lil kids! As you can see here Issy loves it, and best of all its so easy!




  • Protein Smoothie with blueberries and Coconut Water
  • Raw Salad rolled in Nori Sheets.





Lunch was so good that we made Raw Sushi again for dinner! The rice was made with Red Cabbage, Cauliflower and Carrott mixed in the food processor. We made a beautiful satay sauce to go with it.. arghh master chef style! I wonder if they would ever do a Raw master Chef episode? The one thing I love about Raw Food is the array of color! Fresh food is so colourful!