Day 11 & 12 & Onion Bread yummm

Sorry I have been a bit slack on the food Journal, I have been busy writing the Raw Food Kids Recipe book! I’m very excited I can’t wait to finish it (but a little photo shot is required)

What have I been Making?rawvolution

I did make some AMAZING onion bread the other day from Matt Amsden’s RawVolution Book – you can purcase this book at our Online Store

And I have also been making some Raw biscuits for Issy. I like to have a few little snacks on hand for Issy during the week. These are amazing I will put the recipe in this weeks newsletter!

Thursdays Food Journal  – All Raw

20130215-202659.jpgBreakfast – Hot lemon and Water followed by a veggie juice

Lunch – Hamish came home from work and made me a fruit salad.



Arghh will you be my valentine! one way to my heart is with Yummy Raw Food! I am lucky a have a partner who loves it as much as I do so it was a big raw salad with raw Veggie Burgers and a Dill Dressing.



Friday – All Raw Journal20130215-202730.jpg

Breakfast! Hot lemon and water followed by a big GREEN juice in bed! Issy was so cute yesterday I have her a green juice in her juice container! and off she toddled to our bed hoped up and started drinking her juice in bed!  Just like mum!  She is sooo cute!


ISsy juice









Raw Onion Bread sandwich


Afternoon Tea – I had a chocolate smoothie!


Dinner was a big Salad with Veggie burgers, Avocado and some Onion Bread


For Snacks I have been having lots of Nectarines and Peaches as they are in Season! yummmmm

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