Creative Uses for Coconut Husks

The beloved coconut is so versatile that all of its parts are useful. It’s rightly called the fruit of life. We’ve come to love the sweet coconut water, the delicious white flesh, creamy milk for curries and silky oil for cooking and non-toxic skin and haircare. Even the leaves are used to make brooms in India, and turned into materials which can be used for construction and furnishing.

The Coir, or coconut husk, has been getting renewed interest due to the increasing concern for the environment. The call for eco-friendly products are forcing manufacturers to look for environment-friendly alternatives and they’ve found it in the coconut!

Here’s a list of the things you can do with a coconut husk:

Floor Polisher
A dried coconut shell with husk is used to buff wood floors in the Philippines. In Jamaica, it’s called a coconut brush. Just turn it over with the hollow side facing the floor, put one foot on top of the shell and buff away! (Good for exercise too!)

As a Sponge
The fresh husk from a brown coconut can do the job of scrubbing dirt off of anything, even you. Use as either a dish sponge or a body scrub.

Mattress and Pillow Stuffing
Stuff your pillow cases with husks, and make sturdy but comfortable mattresses.

Handicrafts with the kids
The coconut fibres are very strong. You can separate the fibres to make a rope and then use that rope to turn it into a clothesline and weave baskets.

Insect Repellant
Burn the coconut husk and the smoke will act as an insect repellant. The smoke is harmless for humans and smells like nature.

Fire Fuel
When the husk is dried up, you can use it to make campfires and charred husk can be used like coals for cooking BBQ!


The coconut husk used to be treated as a waste product. But more people are now coming to appreciate this versatile, cheap and biodegradable by-product of the delicious and healthy coconut.

Do you know of any other creative uses for coconut husks? Comment below.