Cows Milk, Calcium and Isabelles 8 month Checkup!

So a few weeks ago I had Isabelle’s 8 months check up! Issy has been one healthy little bubba and has been in between the top 80-95 percentile of her weight for her age group since born. Since crawling and being more active she has dropped down to the Top 75 percentile for her weight, this does not alarm me, nor does even fitting into the generic height and weight charts – but what was discussed at Isabelle’s 8 month check up was FOOD!

Being A very high raw family and Isabelle having been vegan since birth, our health nurses suggested that due to our diet we must be careful with our calcium intake and suggested that we start putting COWS MILK ON HER CEREAL!

To be honest I tend to nod and smile to comments like these. But in this case I clearly communicated that Cows milk is the no 1 allergen for babies under 12 months, and there would be no way we would giving our daughter altered breast milk from a cow when my breast milk is doing just fine at delivering her the calcium she needs right now along with protein, fat and the list goes on! I truly believe that doesn’t take much to see if a child is healthy her face glows with beautiful healthy skin, amazing clear eyes and she is growing and developing just perfectly… just look at her!  This is Issy below enjoying her green smoothie which lately she cant get enough of!

What I did want to communicate are the alternative Calcium Sources to Cows Milk.

“The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents not to give their children dairy milk before their first birthday”.

Why? ….. The pH environment of an infants stomach is almost neutral. This unfortunately allows milk proteins to travel undigested through the stomach into the intestines where an assault takes place and the proteins are absorbed straight into the baby’s bloodstream.

Here are some examples of Calcium rich foods and how they compare


  • 100ml for Cow’s milk contains 115mg of Calcium
  • 100g of Spinach contains 160mg of Calcium
  • 100g of Almonds contain 240mg of Calcium
  • 100g of Tahini past contains 680mg of Calcium
  • 100g of arame seaweed yields 1170mg of Calcium
  • 100 of Wakame seaweed contains 1300mg of Calcium
  • 100g of hiijiki seaweed contains 1400mg of Calcium

source; Well Adjusted Babies

Other Sources of Non – Dairy Calcium include; Green leafy Vegetables ( A green smoothie will jam pack all those green leafs into a healthy concentrated juice for your little ones).  Dried beans, chickpeas, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, unhulled tahini, amaranth, millet, quinioa, and figs.

So as you can see there are so many alternatives to Cows Milk.. and yeah we wont be putting cows milk on anyone’s cereal here 🙂

Peace and much love