Coconut Water – Raw C Giveaway!

Two lucky winners have the chance to win a case each of Raw C coconut water ( 12 x 330mls)  of this very thirst quenching and nutritious Raw C coconut water.


So I was asked to do a review on the coconut water by the lovely folks and Raw C! As many of you know we use about 7-9 coconuts a week in our house. For green smoothies, and just plain old coconut water, for the meat to make wraps, muesli ( a lot of these recipes are in Raw Food 4 Kids too)

So when I was asked to review there were a few things I really liked ..

  • It tastes good, its one of the best packaged coconut waters out there on the market – and I have tasted a few in my time!
  • You are guaranteed a litre of coconut water in a carton – often in the young coconuts may have a only half a cup or a two cups of liquid.
  • we use nearly half of our fridge sometimes to store young coconuts! It takes up a lot of room. The packaged cartoons take up a tiny section of the fridge shelf!
  • we also have a compost full of coconuts – which do take a while to break down. In the actual coconut plantations where the coconut water is harvested coconuts are literally pulled apart and every single aspect of them are used from the husk to the shells to the meat to the water.
  • I wish I had have thought to pack some Raw C Coconut water on our last holiday – instead of running around an island like crazed people throwing stones at trees to get our coconuts which took about 5 guys and a few hours and an hour long walk ( I did stay home for that one he he he)

So what are the benefits of Coconut water

  • Coconut water is nature’s sports drink, and contains natural electrolyates. Raw Food Mum coconut water benefits
  • It is super hydrating alternative to water because of its high electrolyte content
  • It is rich in potassium and sodium, along with magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese and zinc.
  • It is gluten, allergy free and totally unsweetened.
  • It contains NO fat, NO cholesterol, and NO preservatives.
  • Coconut water is so close to the composition of our blood plasma, it has been used intravenously when medical saline has not been available in many developing countries

The Raw Food Mum Raw C Giveaway FREE RECIPE BOOK

Raw C has also kindly offered a free recipe book which you can download here! It is packed full of recipes using this deliciously nutritious coconut water.

On a personal note how coconut water has helped me!

  • I have suffered Urinary Tract Infections for many years.. Since I went raw all those years ago these have lessened dramatically but instead of guzzling Ural like used to, now when I feel a UTI coming on I just flush my system with Coconut water, and I they go away!
  • It is awesome to drink during my pregnancy with Issy – I guzzled the stuff when I was pregnant keeping me super hydrated and helped lesson the headaches I used to get.
  • I also use it with Issy when she has a temp to hydrate her quickly, and believe me it works!

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