Cancer, Cancer and Cancer

As some of you know I just lost my dad ( step dad ) to Cancer.

Soo things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front, and up until know I haven’t spoken about it at all to my readers.

There are few reasons for this; but mostly it is a very personal journey.

Unfortunately my Dad Terry died nearly two weeks ago, to a very aggressive cancer. It is an extremely sad time for my family.  But in all this sadness there is one lesson we all must learn that your health is the most important thing of which you have complete control of.

I begged my father not to do Radiation and Chemo and asked him if I could help him with alternative methods, his answer was no, and I respect that,  BUT what he did allow me to help him with was dramatically changing his lifestyle and food choices before the Radiation took place.

With my mother we purchased a cold press juicer and Vita Mix, we juiced three times a day, and changed his diet to a completely RAW diet. I also introduced Keifer, and did wheatgrass shots daily. He did not want to any colon hydrotherapy.  What happened in those three weeks I believe could have, I don’t know and cannot prove this, but it may have saved his life and or prolonged it further…  if only he had not have done radiation. I strongly believe he was hooked into the system and trusted the medical Drs more than he did himself.

The Day before he went into have his radiation the Dr’s were amazed at how well he looked, and the blood tests showed that his liver function ( this is where the cancer was ) had dramatically improved, his cancer cells had dropped. Their response was because he had stopped drinking, he had stopped drinking months before – how can a blood test halve the cancer cells from three weeks ago when the only change had been that he had gone all RAW? its because he had gone all RAW and they did not like what they heard.

Correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t we just all witness what happened in Japan, who knows what the fall out of Radiation is going to be but we all know that the effect on the body is beyond dangerous. I do not know why then we continue as a human race to use this type of treatment in cancer patients

I strongly believe it is the treatments that kill the cancer patient not the cancer.

I’m not going to go into much more, but if anyone is facing cancer and they want to know more on what can be used to treat cancer patients I am happy to pass on the contacts and knowledge I have gained through this agonizing and challenging time of research and contacting people who KNOW how to heal the body. The most important thing though is you need to have a patient that wants to heal themselves.

But in summary I don’t believe I would ever use Radiation and Chemo if was Diagnosed with Cancer. It certainly would not be my first choice of therapy – I also hope that by choosing a Raw food diet and clean and organic lifestyle for my family I am preventing it to occur in the first place – fingers crossed on that one!

A few things which I would recommend anyone with cancer…

EAT ORGANIC FOOD ONLY – god knows what’s in half the conventional polished food you buy in supermarkets
Get yourself a acidic litmus test and test your acidity every day. My Step father was off the charts Acidic when I first tested him – after three weeks of wheat grass and juicing and a raw food diet we had managed to get him to an alkaline state. His cancer cells had decreased. Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline body – its that simple.
METABOLIC DIET – research it.
ANN WIGMORE – Google it.
Hippocrates Institute – If I get cancer I’m on the first plane..
CANCER TUTOR – is a great website – check it out.
B17 – we actually tired this after the radiation – a little too late in our case, but it you want to know more about this email me.

and watch this video – its only the start.

There is much much more than this in regards to what can be done naturally. But these are just some of the links to start checking out if your interested in alternative therapies to cancer.

So I hope I never get to see Cancer again in my family. The only good thing from this is that my mother and brother and sister are all much more aware of the benefits of RAW food and probably don’t see me as the extreme person in the family anymore. They are still juicing and taking wheat grass shots, my mum eats ALL ORGANIC NOW as well.

Its hard to learn these lessons through the loss of someone we love, but in one way we have learnt from him and this has been his gift he has left us.

So thats why things have been a bit quiet on THE ORGANIC MUM front.

And now I am also trying to get back into the swing of things and in all this we also moved into and settled into our new house! So it has been a busy few months, our EC has gone by the wayside and I am just getting back into the swing of things with Issy again – my lesson be gentle with yourself xx

Peace and Love Sarah!